Disclosure and Statement on Conflict of Interest

Disclosure of Occupation

In accordance with WalasTech policy and my ethical obligation as a journalist, I am reporting that I am employed by Automatic Appliances, Inc. (Automatic Centre), a company that directly involved in the distribution and retail of some of the products I have been posting on my website. Listed below is my disclosure:

  • I am still being compensated for my work as a Marketing Assistant for the company until July 2021,
  • That my management is well informed of my venture into tech blogging through WalasTech prior to its launch in January 2020,
  • That we have set high data privacy policies in the company, in accordance with the Data Privacy Act of 2012 (RA 10173), that includes not revealing internal information received and/or shared by our suppliers for they have confidence in our business.
Non-Conflict of interest: Early Price, Specification Reveals

We strive to publish information from other sources we gather as part of our stories. In stories posted at WalasTech that reveal early pricing, product specifications, and/or exclusive details, we accomplish them through the following:

  • Interviewing and sourcing out information from relevant sources we have already trusted
  • Sourcing online content posted early on different channels such as social media, shopping forums, brand platforms or stores, and other retailers, whether offline or online
  • Tips and exclusive information we receive from our inbox at facebook.com/WalasTechPH or email at [email protected]

All stories published in this website belong to the authors alone, and not any institution to which they are or were affiliated. The authors declare that they have no competing and conflicting interests. Likewise, any early specification and/or pricing information leaked through WalasTech cannot be directly attributed to any institution to which they are or were affiliated without due evidence.

Non-conflict of interest: Advertising and Affiliate Marketing

As part of our ways to generate income to spend on maintaining website operations, we have placed a number of advertising opportunities on our website. This include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Ad Banners
  • Advertisements served through Google Ads
  • Sponsored stories
  • Direct Advertisements or Campaigns as negotiated with brands and/or agencies

Likewise, we have entered into an agreement with Shopee as an affiliate, to which we earn commissions from clicking our affiliates and subsequent purchases from those that did.

This is to note that there is no conflict of interest with regards to agreeing to advertisements with tech brands. Sponsored stories are appropriately tagged for easier clarification. Transactions were made only through the authors alone, and not with any institution to which they are or were affiliated to.