Cherry Prepaid offers double data on current promos

For a limited time only

Cherry Prepaid has announced a Buy One, Get One Promo on their current data promos.

This means that you’ll get more data allocation for the same duration, while the promo keyword and cost are unchanged. Subscribers may enjoy double data with these promo offers:

CostMobile Data
(Open Access)
CMSURF10PHP 10150MB  ► 300MB1 Day
CMSURF20PHP 20350MB ► 700MB7 Days
CMSURF50PHP 50900MB ► 1.8GB15 Days
CMSURF99PHP 991.7GB ► 3.4GB30 Days
GANDA15PHP 15250MB ► 500MB3 Days
GANDA30PHP 30550MB ► 1.1GB7 Days
GANDA60PHP 601.3GB ► 2.6GB15 Days

To subscribe to these promos, just key in the keyword to 2138. The Buy One, Get One Promo for Cherry Prepaid subscribers will be available until May 31, 2020.

Carl Lamiel
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