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Background is a tech portal in the Philippines that mainly covers technology and lifestyle topics. These include devices such as smartphones, laptops, wearables, app software, and telecommunication companies.

Found by Carl Lamiel whose more than nine years of tech journalism experience comes from writing stories for YugaTech, the country’s top tech website, the site aims to deliver a well-curated, more informative set of stories and reviews for the Techie Filipino.

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At a glance:

  • Established in January 2020
  • 28,000+ combined social media followers
  • 40,000+ average Monthly Page Visits
  • Most of our visitors are from the Philippines (89%), followed by India (5%)
  • In 2023 (YTD), readers are from mobile (55%), then desktop (48%)

Pitch a Product for Review

We don’t ask for monetary compensation for any product review. You can send us an email to coordinate with unit delivery and review timelines.

As part of our policy, though, items may be with us for longer than two weeks due to our nature of work. WalasTech is currently run part-time by its staff as they have full-time work obligations.

Products pitched for reviews should be related to any of these categories:

  • Consumer Electronics (Smartphone, Tablets, Laptops, PCs, Accessories, Home Appliances, Other Tech)
  • Smart Tech (Lighting, AiOT devices)
  • PC/Mobile Apps (will be reviewed upon pitching)
  • Vehicles (primarily scooters and e-bikes)
  • Games (PC, Mobile)

Other products may be pitched but are not guaranteed a review due to the topics covered by this publication. Please pitch your review devices to [email protected].

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