How to register your SIM Card in the Philippines

We compiled all the info here!

The Implementing Rules and Regulations for the SIM Registration Act has been unveiled, and telcos are now working to make sure everyone gets registered. Here’s a guide on what you’ll need when you register your SIM Card in the Philippines.

We’ve compiled all information you will need

When are you required to register?

You are required to register as soon as your telco allows it, officially on December 27, 2022. Any existing SIM card not registered beyond April 26, 2023 will be blocked from accessing outgoing calls, SMS, and even mobile data.

What are the SIM Registration Requirements?

According to the IRR, this information will be required for SIM registration:

  • Full Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Sex
  • Address
  • Type of Government ID to present + ID Number
  • Copy of Government ID with photo
    These are the only acceptable IDs:
    • Passport
    • Philippine Identification System ID (National ID)
    • SSS ID / UMID ID
    • GSIS e-Card
    • Driver’s License
    • NBI Clearance
    • Police Clearance
    • Firearms’ License to Own and Possess ID
    • PRC ID
    • IBP ID
    • OWWA ID
    • BIR ID (TIN)
    • Voter’s ID
    • Senior Citizen’s Card
    • PWD ID Card
    • Other Government-issued ID with photo
  • Declaration (Information presented is true and correct)

For Businesses and Corporations, additional requirements will be needed:

  • SEC Certificate of Registration
  • Board Resolution designating the official authorized representative
  • Special Power of Attorney (in the case of other judicial entities)

How do new users register?

If you have activated a new SIM card before December 27, you are treated as an existing user and will have until April 26, 2023 to register your SIM card.

For those who will purchase and activate their SIM cards starting December 27, 2022, you are required to register your SIM card before you can use mobile services, including calls, texts, and mobile data.

For foreigners, they will be asked to register tourist SIM cards upon purchase at the airport. The SIMs will only be valid for 30 days upon activation and registration.

How do existing users register?

Globe Telecom

Globe Prepaid, TM, and Home Prepaid WiFi customers can register through this portal. You can also register through the GlobeOne App beginning in January. For minors, registration will be under the name of the parent or a legal guardian.

For Globe Postpaid and Platinum customers, your existing registration details will be used as the necessary information required for SIM registration. Globe will get in touch in the coming weeks if there is any additional information required.

Smart Communications

Smart urges its Smart Prepaid and TNT customers to register online via this online portal. For Smart Postpaid Subscribers, Smart will get in touch in the coming days to reconfirm your existing information.

Enterprise subscribers, on the other hand, will be asked to verify their accounts through their respective account representatives.

DITO Telecommunity

(Updated December 20) DITO has announced that they will ask their prepaid users to register through this portal.


GOMO has announced that it is working to create a system to allow its users to register their SIM cards. We’ll update this once more information is available.

Cherry Prepaid

Cherry Prepaid has not released its procedures for SIM registration. We’ll update this once more information is available.

Can I request an extension for SIM card registration?

You can request for an extension with your telco should you fail to register your SIM card. Once approved, your extended period will only be up to October 11, 2023.

What is the penalty if you fail to register your SIM cards?

Those who will not register their SIMs will have their cards deactivated. You cannot use the SIM for calls, texts, and mobile data.

If you provide fraudulent or wrong information, you can be charged with violating the SIM Registration Act and face up to two years in prison and fined between PHP 100,000 to 300,000.

Similarly, should any telco illegally use the registration data, they can be fined from PHP 500,000 to PHP 4 million per violation.

We hope this information helps. We’ll update this page for new developments on SIM registration as we get them.

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