Quick Look: Cherry Ion Lite

Lighter in size and price, not in health benefits

Cherry’s expansion into health tech has been impressive lately, and such is the launch of the lite version of their popular Cherry Ion wearable. We got the limited edition box and here’s a quick look.

The package is very basic and does not require any special method to open. Tear the plastic covering, and push the box out of its cover to get to the insides. There’s the micro-USB charging cable, the Cherry Ion Lite itself, and a quick user guide.

The use of the device is pretty straightforward — you’d put the string onto the set of holes near the top to wear it around your neck. That top part is responsible for emitting healthy ions once you turn it on.

Near the bottom are the Cherry Logo, a button for turning the device on or off, and the indicating LED light for charging and use. At the bottom of the device is the MicroUSB port for charging. We would’ve moved to see some water resistance rating in case it rains hard, but the ports aren’t enclosed.

The box says it needs to be charged for more than an hour to get up to 8 hours of use, and it does last for around that time when used continuously. When it’s turned on by pressing the button once, you’d see the LED light turn to green, which means the device is already in the process of emitting healthy ions.

We’ve used it outside and we felt different compared to before without it. The accompanying strap can be opened by pulling the metal parts apart. It is of standard length and fits nicely around the neck. We wouldn’t advise this to be used alone, though, as viruses and pollutants are of different sizes and may differ. It’s best used with your medical-grade face mask for more all-around protection.

This Limited Edition Cherry Ion Lite, hued as read as the Cherry logo, is priced at PHP 2,300 and is available at the company’s own pages at Lazada and their newly-established Cherry Online Shop. They also offer this in other standard colors — rose gold, black, white, and gray.

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