Samsung WindFree Premium, WindFree Premium Plus Air Conditioners: Features, Where to buy in the Philippines

A new way of cooling and cleaning the air

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Samsung has a new take on air conditioning with its new WindFree Premium and WindFree Premium Plus Air Conditioners. The WindFree series boasts a WindFree Cooling Technology that gently disperses air through 23,000 micro air holes which prevent the feeling of harsh wind on the skin hence the “WindFree” name.

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With Samsung’s WindFree Premium and WindFree Premium Plus Air Conditioners, families can be physically and emotionally healthier without having to worry about the pollutants inside their homes. One of the unique features of the WindFree Premium is the built-in air purifiers which clean the air through its Tri-Care Filter and Easy Filter Plus which is a dense mesh with an anti-bacterial coating. On the other hand, the WindFree Premium Plus uses a PM1.0 Filter to capture ultra-fine particles with 99% cleaning efficiency.

Samsung WindFree Premium and WindFree Premium Plus Air Conditioners key features:

  • Built-in air purifiers:
    Tri-Care Filter
    Easy Filter Plus
    PM1.0 Filter
  • Digital Inverter Boost
  • WindFree Cooling mode
  • WindFree Cooling Technology
  • Wider cooling area
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The Samsung WindFree Premium and WindFree Premium Plus Air Conditioners can be purchased at participating dealer stores and on at a discounted price through Samsung’s Holiday Promo, which offers flexible payment options up o 41% off and a 12-month zero percent installment option that runs until January 31, 2022.

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