SONY launches the BRAVIA XR lineup: World’s first TV with cognitive intelligence

The smart TV just got smarter

SONY has been a household brand when it comes to television. They have always brought innovation and all the latest features when it comes to their lineup of TV models. This time, they are introducing a new lineup of TVs with the world’s first with cognitive intelligence, the SONY BRAVIA XR.

Announced at CES 2021, SONY Electronics has launched their new TV lineup powered by a Cognitive Processor XR chip that uses a new processing method that replicates the way our brains think and respond. It is powered by cognitive intelligence that is designed to make the content’s quality closer to the real world.

The Cognitive Processor XR knows where the focal points are by dividing the screen into numerous zones and detecting where the focal point is in the scene and enhances each detail. It learns, analyzes, and understands data and optimizes every pixel, frame, and scene. Just like our brain, it also cross-analyzes the elements happening in the scene at once.

Aside from the picture quality, it also analyzes the sound position. The sound matches with the images on the screen and delivers the sound in horizontal and vertical directions to create a multi-dimensional experience.

The SONY BRAVIA XR lineup will be available in the Philippines starting May 2021 with the X90J 4K LED TV and are priced as follows:

Sony Bravia X80J series

  • KD-50X80J (50″)
    PHP 44,499
  • KD-55X80J (55″)
    PHP 47,999
  • KD-65X80J (65″)
    PHP 66,699

Sony Bravia X90J series

  • KD-55X90J (55″)
    PHP 77,799
  • KD-65X90J (65″)
    PHP 99,999

Other models in the lineup such as the Master Series Z9J 8K LED TV and A80J OLED TV will be announced soon.

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