Huawei Freelace Pro Unboxed, Hands-on

Huawei is officially launching the Huawei Freelace Pro, a pair of wireless Bluetooth earphones in a neckband-style setup and with Active Noise Cancelling to boot. Here’s your first look on this device.

Inside this box are the Freelace Pro, two packs of extra silicone tips with varying sizes, documentation for warranty and guides, and a USB to female Type-C cable which will be used for charging the gear.

The device features an all-rubber material, save for the two areas on each side where metal was used. The buttons are all polycarbonate. I’m using a cheap neckband Bluetooth earphones for listening to music, so this isn’t really much of a difference and is in fact easier to use. The volume and play/pause buttons are well-defined, and the power button is at the side. In case you’re all wondering how they’ll work, here it is:

The wires leading to the earbuds feels sturdy and is just sized right. The band is flexible, and the wires never tangle.

One thing I like about this is the inclusion of a Type-C connector as the charger. While it’s still uncommon to find a charging port that accepts this port straightly, the idea of having a female Type-C to USB to augment that issue is very welcome.

The buds are heavier than my usual pair, but by no means heavy to mean that it’s affecting the way I listen. It’s not something to be complained about, as it doesn’t fall off and feels very secure in my ears. They are comfortable and do not irritate me when I used it for the first time.

It’s also great that this offers a magnetic clamp that attaches the buds to each other and is beneficial if you’re walking around and not using them, leaving them in your neck. They’re very secure and does not break apart.

This audio gear does boast its Active Noise Canceling feature, which meant that you’ll not hear anything aside from what’s being blasted on its earbuds. I used it for the first time going home from the office, and it’s quite amazing so far — I haven’t heard the MRT-3’s rail tracks, the honks at EDSA, the chatter of people lined up in the queue for the UV Express, or even the driver beside me asking me for change.

Huawei is launching this for PHP 4,499 and will be available at Huawei Store, Online Store, and authorized dealers this month. Does the 24-hour sound bear truth? We’ll find out as we use this as a daily audio driver for a review later this month.

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