BIGO Award Annual Gala 2023: Celebrates Excellence, Digital Streaming, Outstanding Creators

BIGO Live, a prominent live-streaming platform in the Philippines, marked the beginning of the year with its BIGO Awards Annual Gala, at The Manila Hotel. The event aimed to acknowledge live streamers and their contributions to the digital space.

BIGO Live Philippines is optimistic about the upcoming year, building on the achievements of 2023. The platform expanded its user base and explored the digital realm with events like BIGO Nights, the Mid-year Gala, and the SLAY Model search in collaboration with MAC Cosmetics.

Ian G., BIGO Live Philippines Country Manager, expressed the platform’s commitment to empowering hosts and content creators, recognizing their role in the platform’s success. The Gala night featured 22 awards, including the GALA Top 1 Agency awarded to PRIME Agency for their impact on live streaming content.

BIGO Annual Gala Night 2023

PRIME Agency’s Co-founder, Jovie Concepcion, emphasized the agency’s family-oriented approach, connecting with supporters globally, especially Overseas Filipino Workers. The aim is to make the agency a part of their lives, both on BIGO and in real life.

The Awards Gala, themed around Old Hollywood Glam, showcased live streamers from various categories, and the event was graced by Zendee Tenerefe and Kim Baranda. The live-streamed gala on the app itself garnered significant views.

BIGO Annual Gala Night 2023

Apart from the GALA Top 1 Agency, other awards included Powerhouse Agency Of The Year, Most Popular New Host of the Year, Most Popular Livehouse Star of the Year, and Super Giver of the Year. Jannine Cartagena (Bigo ID: Ninjajannine) received five awards, acknowledging her contributions.

BIGO Annual Gala Night 2023

Cartagena shared her journey, highlighting the determination that brought her success. Beyond the glitz of the event, BIGO Live is committed to providing creators with growth opportunities and strengthening monetization policies.

As BIGO Live moves into 2024, it reiterates its commitment to shaping the future of live streaming, supporting hosts, and empowering online communities. Users are encouraged to download the BIGO app from Google Play or the App Store to share the experience and support content creators. Stay updated on BIGO’s website and social media channels for news and updates.