TECNO Mobile to deploy Sensor Shift to its future Android smartphones

The first mobile phone brand in the Android system to do so

TECNO Mobile recently unveiled its Sensor Shift technology at the Global Mobile Camera Trends 2022: Innovation Talk webinar.

Sensor Shift stabilizes images using sensor movements to compensate for vibrations rather than using lens movements as found on other smartphone cameras where it uses a circular plane design for FPC, realizing sensor movement on the roll axis.

Compared to conventional Optical Imaging Stabilisation, TECNO’s sensor shift technology can achieve a response frequency of 5,000 adjustments per second coupled with optimization to improve accuracy to 350%, resulting in a less blurry image.

During the simulation, it performed 30% better compared to the traditional vertical design. TECNO R&D team realized another 60% anti-shaking effect enhancement by optimizing the test environment and software.

TECNO plans to deploy the technology to its Android smartphones in 2022.

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