Five Reasons Why You Should Switch to a WiFi 6 Router Today

More than just faster speeds

It’s no secret that WiFi 6 is indeed the future, and changing your router to one that supports this new wireless connection technology is beneficial to your home or office. We list down five reasons why it’s good to switch to a Wifi 6 router as early as now.

Designed for the busy, multi-device home

WiFi 6 enables a point to be connected with many devices simultaneously rather than in succession. In theory, a WiFi 6-enabled device can handle starting at 8 concurrent sessions at once using the MU-MIMO technology, doubling the number from four in WiFi 5. OFDMA, which stands for “orthogonal frequency division multiple access,” allows one transmission to deliver data to multiple devices at once as well.

Despite using concurrently, one won’t feel sluggishness as the speed is distributed evenly across all devices, and it also offers a more direct transmission through Beamforming, where WiFi signals are transmitted directly to a device rather than over a broad spectrum.

Lower latency, Faster speeds

The next-generation WiFi 6, or WiFi 802.11ax, offers two to three times the maximum speed available on WiFi 5 and is a lot bigger than WiFi 4. Such is the case with the new TP-Link Archer AX23 router, which offers up to 1.8Gbps in speeds. These are only on paper, though, but you’ll see the difference in transmission of speeds wirelessly thanks to the above-mentioned technologies.

The faster speeds also enable lower latency in wireless gaming, as WiFi 6 can deliver the level of reliable and high-performing wireless connection now needed to meet the demand from end-users and a growing number of connected devices in the household.

Low-power, even for Smart AiOT devices

WiFi 6 can also spend less battery, too. Coming from Wifi 5 with a Low Energy Connectivity, this was more optimized in WiFi 6 to ensure better real-world data transmission while consuming less battery than before.

It’s also compatible with low-energy AiOT devices as it has been designed to handle an increase in devices without negatively impacting your WiFi speeds, so you can keep them connected in the background while you work on your more Internet-demanding devices. You’re bound to get a more seamless connection process with QR codes.

Better Security, More Peace of Mind

Users can have their peace of mind with WiFi 6 as the technology enables WPA3 certification, which includes more robust encryption algorithms and enhanced key management. Traffic between the router and the devices connected in it is protected with 256-bit encryption to prevent hackers from eavesdropping onto your traffic.

More devices now equipped with it, too

More and more devices now sport WiFi 6 out of the box — from flagship to mid-high phones, to laptops, tablets, and even smart home devices such as IP cameras, speakers, and televisions all ship out with the new wireless technology on board. More devices are expected to release in the following years with the WiFi 6 technology, and upgrading today means you’ll get to have a future-proof router until a new WiFi standard is announced.

These are the reasons why we think it’s high time to switch to a WiFi 6-enabled router today. We’ve had the TP-Link Archer AX23 router for weeks now and based on our personal experience, connections indeed have become more reliable. You can check out our full review here.

Carl writes for WalasTech when he's not working full-time. Give him tips and/or leads at [email protected].