How Studying in a Coding Bootcamp Can Benefit Your Career Growth

We saw a lot of great ones

This year made online learning, remote working, and digital services our added necessities. As the world continues to advance, more digital products that involve coding are needed.

Research shows that the shift to online services relied heavily on digital platforms. Thus, creating a continuous upsurge in-demand for web developers, programmers, or software engineers. On the same note, coding bootcamps are booming because of it.

What is a Coding Boot camp? A bootcamp is a training program where you are taught and equipped on a specific skill rigorously and consistently. Coding bootcamps are specifically designed for in-depth training for learning a series of programming languages needed for back-end, front-end or full-stack web development, and more.

Here’s how it can benefit you:

  • In-demand and Preferred. The continuous increase in demand for software engineers over the years emphasized the need for coding boot camps globally. For most career thrivers, studying in a coding boot camp is more preferred than self-studying. Time and money-wise, if you are aiming to get in the large pool of web developers right away, coding boot camps are quicker and more manageable.
  • Learn & Practice through a Focused Curriculum. The curriculum in coding bootcamps are more focused and foundational – building up students’ skills with the essentials in a particular language. It is structured for the learner to produce outputs in a course of weeks, not years. Of course, through practicing what we learn, we gain confidence in what we do.

    Many employers prefer anyone who has experience – someone able to bring more to the table. By that, most coding bootcamps help their students build a portfolio while training – applying what they have learned through projects and demos.
  • Quickest and Most Effective for Career Change. Career change is not easy. It requires anyone to find a leeway for planning things out before diving into a new realm. Time and effectiveness are vital to make it successful.

    The regularity of professionals opting to shift careers in Tech gave coding bootcamps the idea to provide flexibilities on schedules and fees. Most bootcamps areoffering 2 to 3 month long programs and considerate day and time slots which helps anyone to effectively and to conveniently skill up while working.
  • Learning Collaboration with Mentors and Peers. In the Tech industry, just like at any job, collaboration is a soft skill one must acquire. It is a good old gem that needs to be practiced a lot since a one-man team ain’t a thing in this field.

    Collaboration projects are one of the best practices done in boot camps. As a training ground for students, this particular skill is one of the highlights of a bootcamp experience.

Here’s one I can recommend: Try Zuitt Coding Bootcamp. Since 2016, Zuitt aims to promote coding literacy and job opportunities through a beginner-friendly curriculum, the Developer Career Program. The program equips students the fundamental skills needed as a Full-Stack Web Developer – from Front-end to Back-end Web Development.

Not only that, Zuitt offers online classes globally and provides opportunities through its Study-Now-Pay-Later payment plan. Zuitt also guarantees a “No Job, No Pay” policy whereas after completing the bootcamp and you do not land a developer job you get your tuition fee back.

To learn more about Zuitt and its programs, you can or follow them on their social media pages: Instagram (@zuittph) or Facebook.

Carl writes for WalasTech when he's not working full-time. Give him tips and/or leads at [email protected].