Chimeraland unveils first trailer, pre-registration event

The boundless fantasy universe is about to open

Chimeraland is an open-world massively multiplayer online (MMO) game with a focus on Eastern mythology, with inspiration driven from Classic of Mountains and Seas, renowned Chinese literature famous for its ancient mythical beasts.

Players can explore the huge, spherical world, just like the real world. They can encounter beasts and monsters which they can admire, battle, tame, or evolve new ‘Chimeras’ with individual characteristics, shapes, and abilities across over 4,000 square kilometers of the map which includes four continents, explorable seas, and oceans. On top of main continents, Night Sky is another featured in-game planet where players will be able to visit and explore as they develop their capabilities.

The game also offers a huge amount of freedom. One example is a base/home building feature where players can build their own homes in any corner of the game (including under the sea) with thousands of modules and styles to choose from. They can also choose from different races with character customization and tweaking options. Moreover, characters have access to the same race and occupational capabilities.

On the other hand, raising a unique Chimera Pet such as a bunny, to a ten-thousand-year-old behemoth, is possible using an “alien system” of “devouring” or “evolving” which gives the pets unique shapes and powerful abilities.

The game will offer both Player versus Environment (PvE) and Player versus Player (PvP) action where players will be able to choose from multiple weapons and can freely switch between them during fights.

Rewards like Cowries, Legendary Pill, and Pet Egg can be claimed via pre-register on the official website and pre-registration. A specified number of people can also be unlocked in accordance with the stage, to obtain the HP Essence, Intelligence Pill, Lv. 2 Mount Skill Book and other luxury rewards valued up to USD 40. In addition, the official community is also holding a series of reservation activities where players can participate and get many in-game super useful new virtual treasures.

Chimeraland is now open for pre-registration for both mobile and PC platforms. Those who will pre-register at from December 16 onwards can get game developments and have the first glimpse of the game once it is officially launched in early 2022.

Nathaniel is a part-time contributor and writes for WalasTech in his free time from work. He is a tech-savvy person, a morning radio program listener, a podcast host and producer, as well as a heavy social media user.