Converge supports Philippine esports through its fiber technology

Play games on pure end-to-end fiber internet

Internet service provider Converge ICT Solutions, Inc., with its pure end-to-end fiber technology on its product lineup, esports gamers can enjoy fast, stable, and consistent internet connections on their tournaments.

In line with this, Converge expands its reach to support the local esports industry as it joins Mineski Global in launching Mineski Masters. The said event is a two-month-long series of Dota 2 and PUBG Mobile online tournaments of Filipino esports athletes.

“Despite the pandemic, the online gaming industry in the Philippines continues to gain momentum and this gives us the opportunity to reach new heights in business and remain true to our commitment to serving the underserved customers with pure fiber solutions that will improve their gaming and online activities. We are elated to partner with Mineski to bring our vision to fruition,” said Converge Chief Operations Officer, Mr. Jesus Romero.

Earlier this year, Converge launched the first-ever customizable internet plan through FiberX Time of Day which gives users higher bandwidth at their preferred time, without doubling their monthly internet service fee. Those who work, study, or game during the day can benefit from the Day Plan which has boosted speeds in the daytime. While the Night Plan is designed for night shift employees or those who binge-watch or game at night and need faster speeds.

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