Unlimited Prepaid Fiber Internet Comparison: Globe GFiber Prepaid vs Converge Surf2Sawa

Which one is the better pick?

Unlimited Prepaid Fiber Internet Plans are on the rise, with Globe and Converge ICT offering their services through Globe GFiber Prepaid and Surf2Sawa just this year. See how these two pit against each other in this comparison.

Prepaid versions of Unlimited Fiber Internet plans were unveiled just this year, and two ISPs vie for your hearts and wallets to be your choice of connection. Here’s a quick look on how these two ISPs fare when compared:

Unlimited Plans
For Prepaid Fiber
Globe at Home
GFiber Prepaid
Converge ICT
1 DayNAPHP 50
7 DaysPHP 299PHP 200
15 DaysPHP 549PHP 380
30 DaysPHP 999PHP 700
Modem and
Installation Fees
PHP 1,499PHP 1000
+ payment for 1 plan above
Max Days before inactivitySuspended at 180 days after last useTerminated if not reloaded at 60 days after last use
Max Speedup to 30Mbpsup to 25Mbps

Both ISPs offer no lock-ins for their Prepaid Fiber Internet, and their speeds are just alright for light to moderate Internet browsing, social media, and gaming for up to 6 devices connected via LAN or WiFi.

It’s clear that Converge ICT’s Surf2Sawa offers the more affordable unlimited fiber prepaid Internet at this time, with 1-day access at PHP 50 to a 30-day subscription at just PHP 700. The caveat with their prepaid ISP, however, is that you’ll need to reload within 60 days from the last day of your subscription or they will terminate the account. The installation fee is also PHP 499 cheaper compared to the other ISP.

Globe, on the other hand, offers much faster speeds at 30Mbps, and offers you a chance to reactivate the prepaid connection even after 3 months of not using. Reactivation, though, is dependent on availability in your area and may have corresponding reconnection fees.

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