Advance Mobile App offers the convenience of salary advance

A more accessible way to salary advance

Advance launches its new mobile app to cater to the employees’ need for a salary advance, especially due to unforeseen or emergency situations. Those who work for companies or organizations that are Advance partners can access their credit lines and easily request a salary advance in as quick as two minutes.

“Creating a mobile app reflects Advance’s core value of being customer-centric. We want to provide them with what they need when they need it most,” said Jaime de los Angeles, co-founder and CEO of Advance. “When we developed the app, we kept user feedback and simplicity at the forefront of our design process. We wanted to strike the balance of maintaining a level of familiarity with existing users to keep it intuitive while providing new value to give an even better experience,” de los Angeles added.

Signing up is straightforward, just like setting up an e-wallet or a digital bank account with basic personal information and employment details.

While requesting a salary advance on the Advance app is a three-step process:

  1. After logging into one’s account, choose the amount to be advanced and the payment terms.
  2. Review the selected items.
  3. Digitally sign the legal contracts and submit to finalize the requests.

Users can also look forward to more products including insurance and savings features over the coming months. Advance is also looking at other holistic services such as educational and cash management tools to help promote both financial literacy and progression among the Filipino workforce.

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