Billease integrates with QRPH

Consumer finance app BillEase has recently announced the launch of its integration with QRPh, the national QR code standard. This integration is made possible through a strategic partnership with Asia United Bank (AUB), aiming to provide BillEase users with a seamless checkout experience.

With the new QRPh feature, BillEase users can effortlessly scan any P2M QR code and utilize their credit limit to pay for both online and offline purchases. This expansion of payment options empowers customers to transact at any QRPh-accepting merchant while taking advantage of BillEase’s flexible installment plans, whether opting for the convenience of pay later or the increased spending power offered by BillEase’s Limit Boost™.

Kurt Molina, BillEase’s Head of Merchant Products, expressed excitement about the launch, stating, “We’re thrilled to finally bring QRPh to our customers, unlocking more opportunities for them to conveniently scan and pay wherever QRPh is accepted. By offering QRPh for both in-store and online transactions, we’re delivering on our promise to provide Filipinos with flexible payment options through our pay later and installment products. Now, our users can enjoy a seamless checkout experience anywhere they shop, whether it’s at a physical store or an e-commerce site.”

This new feature not only benefits consumers but also enables merchants to access a broader customer base favoring digital payments. It streamlines operations, speeds up transaction times, and reduces the operational hassles associated with cash handling. Ivan Grytsenko, Vice President for POS Business at BillEase, highlighted the advantages, saying, “It’s a win-win: consumers enjoy the ease of use, and merchants benefit from streamlined operations and potentially higher sales from our customers.”

Grytsenko further emphasized the versatility of the QRPh integration, stating, “Our QRPh integration opens the door to all merchants. Clients can finance anything, from small daily needs with 0% overpayment to improving life quality purchases with flexible installments. By merging our innovative ‘buy now, pay later’ (BNPL) solutions with QRPh, we’ve created a powerful platform that will undoubtedly accelerate merchant and consumer adoption of cashless transactions nationwide.”

The integration with QRPh aligns with the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas’ (BSP) objective of promoting digital payment adoption nationwide. Despite the prevalence of digital transactions, cash remains the dominant payment method in the Philippines. By offering a seamless and secure alternative powered by QRPh’s standardized system, BillEase aims to bridge this gap and contribute to accelerating the shift towards a cashless society.

Wilfredo Rodriguez, EVP and Head of Operations and Technology at AUB, expressed pride in the collaboration, stating, “We are extremely proud to partner with BillEase in integrating the national QRPh standard into their mobile application. This collaboration creates a synergy between AUB’s proven expertise in facilitating secure digital payments and BillEase’s innovative BNPL solutions, ultimately delivering a best-in-class and industry-leading payment experience for Filipino consumers.”

BillEase’s integration with QRPh adds to its existing partnerships, such as its integration with Alipay+, making it the first credit-focused fintech in the Philippines to do so. The company is also available on major payment gateways and aggregators in the region, including 2C2P, Xendit, PayMongo, and Paynamics. With over 10,000 directly and indirectly integrated online merchants, BillEase offers a wide array of services, including bill payments, cash loans, e-wallet top-ups, and gaming credits. The QRPh integration further expands customer access, allowing transactions at over 600,000 QRPh-accepting merchants.

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