FWD Life Insurance Launches Pioneering Gaming Study, Insurance to Mark 10th Anniversary

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In celebration of its 10th anniversary, FWD Life Insurance (FWD Philippines) has released an innovative study titled “Decoding the Pinoy Gamer.” This comprehensive research delves into the unique behaviors, well-being, and financial practices of the Filipino gaming and esports communities. A key finding from the study reveals that although 85% of gamers recognize the importance of insurance, only 30% have taken measures to secure their financial well-being against life’s uncertainties.

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FWD’s Commitment to Supporting Filipino Gamers

FWD Philippines is dedicated to supporting the passions of young Filipinos, particularly within the gaming community. Despite the gaming community’s significant presence in the Philippines, with over 43 million gamers, there is a notable lack of detailed research on gaming and its impacts on health. Aiming to fill this gap, FWD Philippines conducted this landmark study to provide valuable insights and empower gamers with health and financial protection, promoting responsible gaming habits and informed financial decisions.

“Supporting the gaming community – from developers, players, and fans – is part of our efforts in contributing to nation-building,” said Roche Vandenberghe, FWD Philippines Chief Marketing and Digital Business Officer. “In line with the Philippine Creative Industries Development Act, we are expanding financial inclusion for more Filipinos, including gamers, through innovative insurance products that prioritize affordability and accessibility. This is why our policies are also conveniently available for purchase through our online shop, as we understand that gamers are primarily present in the online space.”

Insights into the Diverse Filipino Gaming Community

The study categorizes the over 43 million gamers in the Philippines, who are primarily Gen Z and millennials. Gamers were grouped based on their gaming duration, in-game spending, and motivations for playing. The categories include:

  • Fans (34%) and Casuals (30%): These groups spend less time playing.
  • Enthusiasts (20%): Engage more deeply with gaming.
  • Influencers (13%): Lead online conversations and influence in-game purchases.
  • Pros (4%): Professional gamers with significant in-game expenditures.

With the rise of notable esports athletes from the Philippines, many gamers aspire to become professionals, which has led to increased awareness of both the positive and negative impacts of gaming.

Health Challenges and Financial Priorities of Gamers

While the majority of gamers rate their overall health as at least good, many face gaming-related issues such as eye/vision problems (41%), insomnia (17%), and migraines (15%). Some also experience mental health challenges during losing streaks, strained relationships, and financial issues.

The study also highlights the top priorities for each gamer segment:

  • Fans (73%): Interested in building their own homes.
  • Enthusiasts (70%): Aim to establish their own businesses.

To achieve these goals, most gamers prioritize saving money, followed by investing in life insurance. However, despite recognizing the importance of life insurance, only 30% of gamers own a policy. The lack of adequate knowledge about insurance products is a significant barrier for 40% of those without coverage.

Bridging the Knowledge Gap with Customizable Insurance

To address this gap, FWD Philippines launched a customizable insurance product called “The One” specifically for gamers. Additionally, FWD became the official insurer of the pro esports athletes participating in the 12th season of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League (MPL-PH). This initiative resulted in a notable increase in gamer policyholders, demonstrating FWD’s commitment to empowering more Filipinos to celebrate living.

In 2023, FWD Philippines continues to focus on insuring the gaming community by conducting an online study with 943 participants. For more details, read the full “Decoding the Pinoy Gamer” study here.

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