Garmin outs Solar versions of Instinct, fenix 6 and 6S Pro; priced in the Philippines

For more hours outdoors

Garmin launched its newest line of solar-powered smartwatches that are made for the active urban lifestyle, namely the Instinct Solar, fenix 6 Pro Solar, and the fenix 6 Pro Solar.

Unlike other solar-powered watches that converts the solar energy into electrical energy for single functions such as time, Garmin’s solar charging technology is the only watch the converted electrical energy to support various sports activity modes and health monitoring features such as heart rate, GPS, various sensors and data calculation.

The brand cites four key characteristics with its new solar charging smartwatches:

  • Power Glass solar charging panel. An ultrathin layer of tiny conductive elements on top of a glass panel creates a multilayer structure that measures a mere 0.5mm thick. This sophisticated structure is able to efficiently convert light source into electrical energy while maintaining high permeability so that when it is paired with a Memory-in-Pixel (MIP) display, it retains clear and full color visibility under bright sunlight.
  • Over 30 patents filed for revolutionary solar charging technology. The breakthrough solar charging technology is achieved by using the best conductive materials to generate a peak power output (Pmax) of the solar cell is rated five times higher than the standard in the industry. With this technology incorporated in the design of Instinct Solar, it is able to achieve unlimited battery life when set to the Battery Saver mode.

    Unlike traditional solar watches which only supports time mode or a single function, Garmin solar charging technology leads with a solar conversion rate up to five times higher than the industry standard, making Garmin the first in the world to launch solar-powered multisport GPS smartwatches.
  • Continuous solar charging, even in partially covered conditions. When any part of a traditional solar panel no longer exposed to light, solar charging will instantly be deactivated. In the event of limited sun exposure where the watch is partially shaded, Garmin’s innovative solar panel technology has rearranged the panel’s conducting cells in a new design so that even when part of the screen is covered by clothing or covered in mud during mountain biking, the smartwatch continues uninterrupted solar charging. This groundbreaking design allows users to enjoy their outdoor activities for longer periods of time, without having to worry that their activity will not be recorded when battery runs out.
  • Power Manager feature to allow customized feature management. The Power Manager feature allows the user to easily toggle the watch functions according to their usage needs for the day, deactivating unused or lesser used functions on low activity level days. This feature allows the user to adapt the device to their lifestyle needs and getting the most out of each power charge.

This solar charging technology not only brings about an overall improved power performance, but it also reduces carbon emissions by up to 59 percent compared to other smartwatches due to the reduced power charging frequency. With the enhanced battery life, added sports activities, and comprehensive health data monitoring, Garmin hopes to motivate and inspire users to continue their outdoor adventures and explore infinite possibilities together.

Garmin incorporated the solar lens technology into its Instinct range of GPS smartwatches to cater to the urban sport enthusiast. With the Power Manager feature, users can toggle to the Battery Saver mode to enjoy unlimited battery life on the Instinct Solar and Instinct Solar – Camo Edition, up to 24 days in smartwatch mode indoors and over 54 days with sufficient solar exposure.

Meanwhile, the fenix 6 Pro Solar and fenix 6S Pro Solar smartwatches feature the Power Glass solar charging lens and a customizable Power Manager mode. They also offer expanded activity profiles such as surfing, mountain biking, and indoor climbing for more accurate activity tracking.

Official Price and Availability in the Philippines: These solar-powered Garmin watches are now available online via, Lazada, Shopee, Garmin Brand Stores and all authorized retailers. Retail prices are PHP 24,995 for Instinct Solar and PHP 27,995 for the Instinct Solar Camo Edition; and PHP 52,995 for fenix 6S Pro Solar and fenix 6 Pro Solar.

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