HONOR, The Comeback: Now Ready to Re-enter the Philippine Market

HONOR is now ready for its great PH comeback!

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After the announced comeback of the brand in the Philippines this year and its separation from HUAWEI’s turf, it looks like HONOR is gearing up to take off the products on its portfolio to Philippine Market.

Have you seen these teasers by HONOR recently?

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HONOR showcased different products from this year’s IFA 2022, Europe’s Biggest Tech Expo, it teased us how HONOR promises to provide an interconnected world to the Filipino market with new software experience, smartphones, laptops, tablets, and other IoT products backed by its own Research and Development Facility.

HONOR deeply gives credit to its former parent brand, HUAWEI for the learnings it gained as a former sub-brand. The separation of these two brands led HONOR to invest more in its technology. In fact, HONOR was formerly owned by Huawei except for the smartphone business.

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With Huawei’s standards and the support of Google, HONOR is expected to seamlessly deliver feature-packed consumer devices.

Does it have Google Mobile Services?

The answer is YES! HONOR Philippines’ Facebook page itself confirms it features Google Mobile Services.

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In fact, HONOR 50 is the first smartphone from the brand launched last October 2021 to have Google Mobile Services. 

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This answers the questions of consumers and fans, given there are remarkable similarities between Huawei and HONOR products. The absence of Google Mobile Services (GMS) put the two brands in a bad light and less favored in countries that use Google Apps, including the Philippines where almost 90% of Filipino smartphone users are using Android devices according to a Statista measurement.

HONOR reassures that all of the products on its smartphone portfolio are equipped with Google Apps and Services. This includes low to mid-range smartphones up to its foldable which will be launched soon.

Teasers posted on their Facebook pages reassures consumers that Google Apps and Services will come with built-in devices such as the HONOR X series, HONOR 70, and HONOR Magic Series, which is expected to launch in the Philippines this Christmas season or the fourth quarter of this year.

Research and Development, HONOR’s effort on building a fresh and separate identity

HONOR recently revealed its first self-funded factory demonstrating excellence to manufacture high-quality premium products.

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Automated Arm at the HONOR Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park

“The opening of the HONOR Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park was a significant milestone of our success in integrating our R&D capabilities into our manufacturing processes. The consolidation allows us to better harness our expertise across both fields,” said George Zhao, CEO of HONOR Device Co, Ltd. “In addition to bolstering our manufacturing capacities, the smart manufacturing facility houses world-class production, testing, and quality control equipment that ensures our premium products live up to our customers’ high expectations.”

HONOR flexed its high-tech factory park which focuses on core manufacturing capabilities, automation, digitalization, and intelligent technology.

The Park operates with 75 percent of its production line automated, minimizing the risk of human error. Additionally, more than 40 percent of the automated production equipment is developed in-house, which serves as further evidence of the tight integration between R&D and manufacturing capabilities.

All key equipment in the production facility supports digital control systems, allowing HONOR to better manage the entire production line and reap better efficiency as well as improve product quality.

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