How Samsung Protects Smartphones from Cyberattacks

Your data needs to be protected

Global consumer electronics brand Samsung ensures that all its devices are protected against security threats through its Samsung Knox. This provides end-to-end protection on its devices that protects and prevents those from threats, getting cyberattacks, and data breach among others.

Protecting against unauthorized backdoor access

Samsung designs, create and validate its computer chips that give them control over design, manufacturing, and assembly. Even down to its wiring and hardware component are being checked before using them to manufacture their devices. This approach ensures a secure supply chain that prevents unauthorized backdoor access.

Protecting against compromised, weak, or re-used passwords

Samsung devices are equipped with biometric authentication technology such as the Ultrasonic Fingerprint scanner. Another biometric authentication tool by Samsung is the Samsung Pass which lets users easily access their log-in credentials without the need to remember their usernames and passwords. Meanwhile, Knox Vault is a secure processor that works independently from the CPU. It securely isolates the user’s biometrics data from the rest of the device so that no one can get their hands on the user’s data.

Protecting against unsecured Wi-Fi

Secure Wi-Fi works by encrypting outgoing internet traffic and disables tracking apps and websites. It allows users to browse the internet safely on public wireless connections without the fear of security breaches.

Protecting against phishing attacks and compromising sensitive data

The Device Protection in Samsung Device Care is powered by McAfee protection. This is found on Samsung smartphones and works by continuously scanning the device for malware or suspicious activity and alerts the user when a malicious app was installed. Additionally, the Samsung Secure Folder keeps data secure and isolates problematic apps within the folder to keep them away from the user’s personal information. Meanwhile, the user’s card information is encrypted and completely isolated at all times when the user purchases with Samsung Pay.

Protecting against zero-day vulnerability

Thanks to Samsung Knox, real-time protection is being done to devices against data attacks or malware. As a result, unauthorized attempts to access or modify the phone’s core is blocked in real-time.

When users reboot their Samsung smartphone, Secure Boot is activated and it detects any unauthorized software and blocks attempts to compromise the device through its multi-layered, defense-grade security. If the smartphone is booted in an unapproved state, Samsung Knox will automatically lock up apps containing sensitive data such as Samsung Pay, Samsung Pass, Secure Folder, or Samsung Health.

From screen mirroring to the screen of the Family Hub via the SmartView app or using the AI function of the AI EcoBubble washing machine, Samsung Knox protection also extends its security features to various Samsung smart appliances for an added layer of protection.

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