Huawei’s improved streaming tech makes it easier to do live streams

No need for complicated broadcasting!

Huawei has launched its streaming tech, powered by its Huawei Mobile Services core system, to further improve setting up and broadcasting shopping live streams.

The event is the latest part of Huawei’s commitment to creating an ecosystem that enables developers to open new doors, and allows for Huawei consumers and AppGallery users to unlock more innovative and unique experiences.

The innovations were showcased at a Huawei eCommerce developer conference last week. Among those improvements included with Huawei’s HMS are the following:

  • Scenario-based sales: Ability to transform your background to better suit the topic of the product you’re showcasing, real-time
  • Harnessing Huawei’s AR capabilities to showcase 3D items in a real-life environment
  • Huawei’s 5G and WiFi capabilities, along with software improvements, can reduce latency and increase download speed, as well as minimize lags and freezes to improve a user’s experience

The global company also introduced ways for developers to showcase apps through Huawei’s AppGallery platform, as well as providing assistance to promote such as tapping various in-app advertisement areas.

Huawei also launched a Pilot Collaboration Program designed to support developers who are keen to build more advanced live streaming solutions. Huawei will fund five global partners and help them unlock more business opportunities in e-commerce live streaming with their HMS Core, including local marketing, brand exposure, and technical support.

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