LG OLED Celebrates 10 Years, Partners with KCC

Showcasing groundbreaking OLED Technology

LG OLED Celebrates 10 Years

In celebration of 10 years of LG‘s groundbreaking OLED technology, LG Electronics Philippines recently hosted a momentous event showcasing the remarkable journey of LG OLED TVs over the past decade. The event highlighted the brand’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of home entertainment with innovative features and unparalleled picture quality.

LG OLED Celebrates 10 Years

The celebration kicked off with an energetic K-Pop dance performance by Project One, setting the tone for a vibrant and exciting gathering. Mr. Sungjae Kim, LGEPH Managing Director, delivered a heartfelt speech expressing immense pride and gratitude for the significant progress made by LG OLED TVs and their transformative impact on the television industry. He credited the success to the hard work, dedication, and innovation of the LG team, while also thanking the loyal customers for their unwavering support in making LG’s OLED technology a resounding success.

LG with KCC Director

Moreover, during the event, LG Electronics Philippines announced a partnership with the Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines (KCC) to launch a special donation program aimed at fostering cultural exchange. Through the contribution of LG OLED TVs, this program seeks to enhance cultural understanding and connect communities. Mr. Kim Myeongjin, Director of KCC, expressed deep gratitude for LG’s generous donation and emphasized the significance of utilizing advanced technologies like LG OLED TVs to facilitate cultural exchange. He described the remarkable LG OLED TV as not just a device that strengthens cultural ties, but also as a medium to introduce Korea to the world and the Philippines, promoting cross-cultural interactions among various communities.

9Ms. Angelica Dumlao Product Manager for LG TVs

The event also featured Ms. Angelica Dumlao, Product Manager for LG TVs, who succinctly highlighted the key benefits of LG OLED technology. She emphasized the cutting-edge AI integration with the α9 AI Processor Gen 6, the enhanced picture quality brought by the Brightness Booster and Brightness Booster Max, and the sleek and innovative designs, including the impressive ONE Wall Design. Ms. Dumlao further underlined the extraordinary viewing experience delivered by LG OLED TVs and their exceptional gaming capabilities with support for NVIDIA GeForce NOW at 4K. She invited everyone to explore the endless possibilities offered by LG OLED technology to enhance their lifestyle and overall quality of life.

In conclusion, the event celebrated a decade of LG’s OLED technology with great enthusiasm, recognizing the brand’s commitment to innovation and excellence in home entertainment. The partnership with the Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines showcased LG’s dedication to promoting cultural exchange, and Ms. Dumlao’s insights into the remarkable features of LG OLED TVs highlighted their exceptional performance and versatility, making them a top choice for consumers seeking the ultimate viewing experience and gaming capabilities.

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