Mobile Number Portability Act implementation delayed to 2021

You'll have to wait a little longer.

Implementation of the recently-passed Mobile Number Portability Act has been delayed to next year, WalasTech has learned.

This news comes almost a year after the law has been passed, with a provision requiring all telco networks to set guidelines and parameters in instituting a proper transfer and operability of mobile numbers.

In our conversations with Globe customer service representatives, the delay is due to a unanimous decision between PLDT, Globe and even DITO to set up a Mobile Number Portability Service Provider (MNPSP). An Inquirer article last month notes that the three telcos have tapped US-based Syniverse to act as the mobile number portability service provider. Syniverse will act as the clearinghouse for the three companies and will act as the main hub in facilitating all mobile number transfer requests once the implementation starts.

Below is the reply we got from Globe when we checked if it’s already available this week:

Thank you for your inquiry regarding SIM mobile portability, @lamielcarl. We would like to inform you that Globe – together with PLDT/SMART and Dito Telecommunity – has obtained a mobile number portability service provider (MNPSP) in coordination with the NTC. The MNPSP estimated that the period of integration and interoperability will take no less than 18 months from the time a support mechanism is set up. Hope this help.

Globe Telecom (@talk2globe), via Twitter Direct Message

If you’re expecting this law to work right away, you might wait until 2021 to actually see it materialize. It was also noted that it may take the MNPSP up to 18 months to integrate and inter-operate, from the time a support mechanism has been set up. Globe also claims that these were made in accordance with an agreement with the NTC.

Senator Win Gatchalian, however, reminded the telcos to hasten the implementation as it was already discussed and agreed upon by all parties during public hearings and Technical Working Group discussions. He expects that they are able to “implement the MNPA, even in phases, as long as it will be done within the first six months of this year.” according to a Business Mirror story.

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