OPPO holds INNO DAY 2021, unwraps several innovations

Reimagining the future

OPPO holds its annual INNO DAY 2021 in Shenzhen, China as well as in its virtual OPPO INNO WORLD online with the theme “Reimagining the Future” where the brand introduced its first imaging NPU, the MariSilicon X, and the OPPO Air Glass. OPPO’s new brand proposition “Inspiration Ahead” was also announced during the keynote by its founder and CEO Tony Chen.

“We are living in an unprecedented age, and as a global technology company, we at OPPO feel it is both our duty and our privilege to try and make the world a better place through our technologies, products, and action,” said Tony Chen. “Although the journey towards each technological breakthrough is full of challenges, we aim to continue as we have started, step by step, to reach ‘Inspiration Ahead’ as we have set out in our new brand proposition.”

MariSilicon X Imaging NPU

OPPO took off the wraps on its first Cutting-edge Imaging NPU — the MariSilicon X. The imaging NPU features an advanced NPU, ISP, and Multi-tier Memory Architecture built on a 6nm process where it can deliver image processing with high power efficiency.

It also enables 4K AI Night Video that can be captured in RAW using complete image data, a first on Android smartphones. The Mari Silicon X will be making its debut on the OPPO Find X Series in Q1 2022.

OPPO Air Glass

The OPPO Air Glass is a lightweight and minimalist aR (assisted Reality) device that features a monocle waveguide design inspired by the wings of the cicada. It has multiple functions such as navigation, health data monitoring, teleprompter, and live speech-to-text translation independently, but can still be operated using OPPO smartphones and smartwatches. It also supports different intuitive interactions such as touch, voice, and motion controls.

In addition, it is equipped with an OPPO-developed compact projection system — the Spark Micro Projector — and a bespoke optical diffraction waveguide, which delivers a vivid and sharp aR display in all types of environments.


To celebrate INNO DAY 2021 together with OPPO fans worldwide, OPPO has created an all-new virtual playground, the OPPO INNO WORLD. Within it, visitors can watch the keynote speeches and experience OPPO’s other new cutting-edge technologies, including its Digital Human, Retractable Camera, and many more.

The OPPO Renovators Emerging Artists Project has also made its way into INNO WORLD. It showcases innovative artwork from young artists around the globe. In its third year, OPPO Renovators seeks to support young artists in bringing together the latest ideas and concepts from the world of art and technology as they imagine the possibilities for the future. Eight works from young artists are being exhibited at the Renovators Showroom, including AutoGene, Autonomy of Plant, Light High, Revival, and others.

Lastly, on the second day of OPPO INNO DAY 2021, OPPO will introduce its first foldable smartphone, the OPPO Find N.

Nathaniel is a part-time contributor and writes for WalasTech in his free time from work. He is a tech-savvy person, a morning radio program listener, a podcast host and producer, as well as a heavy social media user.