Revolutionize Your Finances with BPI App’s Track and Plan – Your AI-Powered Financial Advisor

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The Bank of the Philippine Islands has introduced an industry-first feature on its new BPI App, aptly named “Track and Plan.” This innovative tool harnesses AI to monitor and analyze your financial activities within the BPI App. It provides insights into your spending patterns, offers suggestions for smarter investments, and helps you plan for your financial future.

Event guests exploring the new BPI app 1

Here are some of the top features of this new Financial Advisor on the BPI app:

Experience Seamless Insights As soon as you log in to your BPI App, you’ll notice the animated scrolling cards at the top of the screen. These cards, powered by Track and Plan, use your latest transactions to generate insights about your cashflow. It will also notify you about similar withdrawals made consecutively, giving you a complete overview.

Get In-Depth Insights Click on the notification to access detailed insights and easily reach out to BPI if needed. Track and Plan also highlights unexpected changes in deposits from familiar payors to your account, ensuring you’re always informed.

Optimize Your Finances When your account balance consistently covers your monthly expenses, Track and Plan suggests investment opportunities to help your funds grow.

Stay on Budget This AI-powered tool continuously monitors your spending trends and alerts you if your bills exceed your average, helping you stay within budget.

Privacy Assured Rest assured, Track and Plan generates unique insights visible only to you, ensuring the privacy of your financial transactions. It’s a groundbreaking addition to the industry, and it evolves with your app usage to provide ongoing insights.

Transform Your Savings Rate According to veteran journalist Salve Duplito, “Track and Plan acts like a financial advisor with powerful tools to boost our savings rate.” It combines logic with the human experience, encouraging better financial decisions.

BPI’s Commitment Mariana Zobel de Ayala, Consumer Marketing and Platforms Head at BPI, emphasizes BPI’s dedication to simplifying money management using technology. The Track and Plan feature extends BPI’s personalized financial advice to millions of Filipinos, with ongoing developments promised.

Unlock the Full Potential As you use Track and Plan, its insights improve, thanks to AI’s ability to learn from data patterns. In the coming months, BPI plans to introduce more features, including automatic monthly investments, scheduled transactions, and a built-in budget tracker, exclusively available on the new BPI App.

Time to Upgrade Your Financial Journey Take advantage of this revolutionary financial tool by downloading the new BPI App. It’s time to “move app” and take control of your financial future with Track and Plan.

To start getting AI-powered insights, download the new BPI app if you haven’t yet—or update to the latest version. Download it .

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