Samsung Galaxy Watch4 series: Price, Availability, in the Philippines

First to sport the merged Google-Samsung Wear operating system!

Samsung has launched the first smartwatch under the unified Google-Samsung wearable OS, called the Samsung Galaxy Watch4. It comes in two variants — the base Watch4, and another in a Classic design.

Design-wise, the company touts these devices to be the sleekest and lightest in the series yet. They both sport 5nm chips, plus doubled the internal memory compared to their predecessors. They can both be customizable with straps you want and offers gesture controls such as twisting, rotating, or knocking actions.

Samsung also achieved a breakthrough with the new device, as it is the world’s first to sport a bioactive sensor that combines ECG, PPG, and BIA. As such, you can now receive body composition data such as body mass, body water, BMI, skeletal muscle, and body fat. Sleeping advancements are also presented including an advanced sleep management feature, continuous blood oxygen monitoring, and snoring detection.

It’s also AIoT enabled, so you can seamlessly switch from your phone to a compatible Samsung TV for exercising, where the data will be displayed on the TV screen. It’s also the first phone to feature Google and Samsung’s Wear operating system, so expect Google apps and Samsung’s own, like Bixby, to be installed by default.

The watches also offer Samsung Knox security, up to 40 hours of battery life in a single charge, quick charging feature that can power your device for up to 10 hours with a 30-minute charge, and LTE connectivity.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 series is as priced as follows, and is available for pre-order in select markets, including the Philippines, starting on August 19, with retail availability starting September 22:

  • Watch4 40mm – PHP 12,990
  • Watch4 44mm – PHP 14,990
  • Watch4 Classic 42mm – PHP 17,990
  • Watch4 Classic 46mm – PHP 19,990
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