Shopee to charge 1% admin fee on e-Wallet cash-ins to ShopeePay

starting this June

Shopee has announced through its internal communications that a 1% admin fee will be deducted from all ShopeePay cash-in transactions made through e-Wallet apps starting this month.

In its announcement, those who will cash in through available e-Wallet options such as GCash and Coins.PH will have their amounts automatically deducted by 1% as they cash in. This will start on Thursday, June 2, 2022.

Cash-in through e-Wallets is handled through DragonPay, a third-party payment gateway. Similar facilities have also switched to a 1% charge for all transactions in the past months, including convenience store 7-Eleven and finance partner ECPay.

Other modes of cash-in transactions are not yet affected as of this writing. The eCommerce giant is advising everyone to cash in using their ‘link your bank account’ feature or use InstaPay to still enjoy free cash-ins.

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