Toshiba offers data storage solutions for any need

Hard Disk Drives is one of them

Toshiba is one of the leading global technology companies in the storage industry. They offer an array of Hard Disk Drives (HDD) that addresses the storage needs of the enterprise, data center, surveillance, and client markets.

Toshiba enterprise HDDs are categorized in three main areas:

  • Enterprise Performance HDDs for traditional mission critical servers and storage systems
  • Enterprise Capacity HDDs for entry servers and storage system for business critical workload
  • Cloud-Scale Capacity HDDs for hyperscale data centers

A hard disk drive is produced under high precision manufacturing and ultra-clean environments. Nearline HDDs go through an extensive manufacturing process since the hard disk demands high speeds of rotation and the head is in close proximity to its platter.

One of the key parts of a hard disk drive is the recording media. With multiple recording media stacked with precision, it allows efficient reading and writing of data. A nearline hard disk drive including a recording head, media, electronics, and firmware is carefully assembled and tested rigorously under extreme environments such as pressure and temperature in test chambers to ensure quality in the final delivery.

The most recent development is Toshiba’s first HDD model with energy-assisted magnetic recording. The MG09 Series features Toshiba’s third-generation, 9-disk Helium-sealed design, and Toshiba’s innovative Flux Control – Microwave-Assisted Magnetic Recording (FC-MAMR) technology, to advance Conventional Magnetic Recording (CMR) density to 2TB per disk, achieving a total capacity of 18TB.

Toshiba Information Equipment (Philippines), Inc. (TIP) HDD Design Support Center collaborated with Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation’s Storage Products Division, to carry out the evaluation process and data analysis, making it ready for mass production.

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