A ‘color-changing’ and ‘#nightportraitmaster’ vivo Phone is Coming to the Philippines

Night mode-focused vivo Smartphone

Early this year, vivo unveiled a vlogging-centric smartphone, vivo V23 with Photochromic Technology and yet a rumor suggests another premium smartphone from vivo will feature the same light-sensitive technology.

For those who are unfamiliar with the term, vivo’s Photochromic Technology is a color-changing back-panel technology that allows its original color to shift to another hue in just three seconds under direct sunlight. When taken back to the shade, it eventually returns to its default tone. 

There will be three variants on the pipeline that are supposed to launch:  

  • vivo V25 with 50 MP Eye AF Selfie
  • vivo V25 Pro has a 32MP AF Eye Selfie, and also features different night camera features
  • vivo V25e is the ‘entry level’ among its lineup, which also focusing produces great selfie photos

All of them are believed to be equipped with 256GB storage.

The vivo V25 series hint to pack a 64MP Ultra-Sensing rear camera, matched with Hybrid Image Stabilization that utilizes OIS and EIS capabilities giving you smooth and blur-free videos.

For the night owls out there, make sure to watch out for more details because vivo is expected to launch the new vivo V25 series this month, and most likely, at night time.

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