Experience vivo V25’s Color Changing Feature, play, and win.

Experience it even online!

vivo v25 2022 10 13 01

vivo is giving you the chance to experience their latest flagship series smartphone, the vivo V25 Series, with a chance to win an amazing prize! Known as the #NightPortraitMaster, the vivo V25 Series features impressive night camera specs with a Photochromic 2.0 color-changing design.

vivo v25 2022 10 13 01

The vivo V25’s Sunrise Gold and vivo V25 Pro’s Surfing Blue are equipped with this Photochromic 2.0  Technology. The Fluorite AG Glass panel’s light molecular material causes the Sunrise Gold to change into a stunning orange-red hue when exposed to sunlight or UV light. This color-changing technology also allows you to channel your creativity by playing around with it, as shown in the picture above.

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And now, vivo gives us the chance to try its unique color-changing feature through its experiential website. The exciting part is, you can get a chance to win TWS Air earbuds!

Make sure to follow these easy-peasy mechanics on how the game works:

1. Scan the QR Code to access the vivo V25 Series 5G Photochromic Version 2.0 experience website:

vivo v25 2022 10 13 02QR

You may also click this link: https://vivov25series.7jing.com/PH.html

2. Click the “Agree” button to proceed.

3. Select the  “Play To Win” pop-up button to see the Game Guide.

4. Click the “Game Start” button to play.

5. Save the V25 SeriesColor-changing picture and QR code.

6. Share them across your social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and make sure to set the privacy settings to PUBLIC and use the official hashtags: #vivoV25Series5G #NightPortraitMaster #V25SeriesPhotochromicVersionPH #vivoPhilippines

7. Use the caption below:

Experience the vivo V25 Series 5G Photochromic Version 2.0 online and get a chance to win a  pair of vivo TWS Air? Click the link below to experience it!

https://vivov25series.7jing.com/PH.html #vivoV25Series5G #NightPortraitMaster #V25SeriesPhotochromicVersionPH      #vivoPhilippines

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