Gigabyte GS27FC Review: Affordable and High Performance

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The Gigabyte GS27FC emerges as a 27-inch curved gaming monitor boasting a 1920×1080 VA panel, inviting mixed reactions due to its resolution-to-size ratio. Is the price worth its features? Let’s check it out.

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Design and Features

The GS27FC features a more straightforward aesthetic compared to its predecessors, sporting a clean matte black finish without ostentatious gaming design elements. The slimmer bottom bezel adds to its sleek appearance, and its slightly reduced base minimizes the overall depth, enhancing its portability for LAN parties or competitions.

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Despite its markedly lower price, the monitor maintains a surprisingly robust build quality, largely constructed of plastic yet devoid of cosmetic or manufacturing flaws. However, the stand’s stability might exhibit some wobbliness due to its low-profile design, a common trait for monitors in this price range.

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The OSD joystick, conveniently located under the Gigabyte logo, facilitates easy on-the-fly adjustments. Compatibility with the OSD Sidekick app streamlines customization, offering users flexible tuning options.

Resolution and Pixel Density

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The 1080p resolution on a 27″ screen leads to a pixel density of 81.59 PPI, offering lower sharpness in textual details compared to higher PPI alternatives. Yet, for users seeking larger displays without a GPU optimized for higher resolutions, the GS27FC becomes a viable choice. Its compromised pixel density is less conspicuous during gaming and video consumption, especially at reasonable distances from the screen.

Utilizing a VA panel, the monitor boasts a commendable 3,000:1 contrast ratio, ensuring deeper blacks and an immersive viewing experience, particularly in dimly lit environments. Unlike IPS panels, it avoids issues with IPS glow, albeit exhibiting slightly narrower viewing angles.

Color Reproduction and HDR

With a 92% sRGB color gamut volume, the GS27FC delivers vivid and accurate colors for sRGB content, although other monitors within the same price range offer wider gamuts for enhanced color vibrancy. While supporting HDR, its limited brightness and gamut and the absence of local dimming restrict the monitor’s ability to render true HDR imagery.

Performance, Refresh Rate, Variable Refresh Rate, and Additional Features

The 180Hz refresh rate provides responsive gaming with low input lag. Still, it reveals noticeable trailing in fast-moving, dark scenes due to the panel’s slower pixel response time, characteristic of budget VA panels. Response time overdrive modes offer options, but the “On” mode maintains the best performance throughout the refresh rate range.

Supporting VRR with a 48-180Hz dynamic range ensures tear-free gameplay, despite lacking official G-SYNC certification. However, users may encounter brightness flickering during specific in-game scenarios, a common trait among high refresh rate displays, especially those with VA panels. The monitor also incorporates Aim Stabilizer technology to mitigate motion blur, albeit with potential flickering side effects.

Features, Design, and Connectivity

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Featuring an OSD menu equipped with various adjustments and advanced settings, the GS27FC ensures ease of navigation and customization. Its design, including a VESA mount compatibility, light matte anti-glare coating, and moderate curvature, caters to an immersive yet functional setup. Connectivity options encompass DisplayPort 1.4, HDMI 2.0 ports, and a headphone jack.

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The Gigabyte GS27FC emerges as an affordable gaming monitor, delivering commendable performance and features. However, its competitive edge diminishes slightly due to the availability of similar-priced alternatives with additional functionalities. For users prioritizing specific features or seeking a budget-friendly yet robust gaming display, the GS27FC remains a worthy contender, albeit with room for a more competitive price point in the market

Gigabyte GS27FC Color Accuracy 12 1008x756 1

The GS27FC’s slower pixel response time, typical of VA panels, results in some blurring, notably mitigated by using the balanced overdrive mode instead of the maximum setting. Its compatibility with both FreeSync and G-Sync ensures tear- and stutter-free gaming experiences, maintaining an input lag of 4ms at 180Hz.

In conclusion, the Gigabyte GS27FC priced at PHP 10,995, despite its limitations in motion clarity and accuracy, stands as an attractive choice for gamers seeking a high-refresh-rate monitor at a significantly lower price point. Its excellent contrast and overall sturdy build make it a worthwhile consideration for those prioritizing affordability and gaming performance.

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