A 2023 Guide to the Philippines’ Unlimited Fiber Internet Plans

A dependable internet connection is essential for work, study, and entertainment in this digital age. The Philippines, a country with diverse connectivity challenges, has seen a surge in demand for internet services. This has led to the emergence of unlimited fiber internet plans from various providers. We explore these plans, their benefits, and their impact on consumers across the country.

Internet Connectivity in the Philippines

While the Philippines is renowned for its picturesque landscapes and cultural heritage, its internet landscape is equally diverse. It’s a country of over 7,000 islands, which makes delivering internet access to all its citizens a unique challenge. Nevertheless, there have been significant improvements in internet infrastructure in recent years.

Major providers like PLDT, Globe Telecom, and Converge ICT have expanded their networks and introduced competitive fiber internet packages. Among these, unlimited internet plans have gained prominence for offering uninterrupted connectivity.

Understanding Unlimited Fiber Internet Plans

Unlimited internet plans provide subscribers with a consistent connection without data caps. This means users can engage in activities like video streaming, online gaming, and remote work without worrying about exhausting their data limits.

These plans offer various speed tiers to cater to different user needs and budgets, ensuring both light and heavy internet users can find a suitable plan.

Advantages of Unlimited Internet Plans

  1. Convenience: Unlimited internet allows you to browse, stream, and download without constantly monitoring your data usage.
  2. Cost-Effective: While the initial cost may seem high, unlimited plans often offer better long-term value, especially for heavy internet users.
  3. Remote Work and Study: Unlimited internet plans have proven invaluable for remote work and online learning, increasingly prevalent in the post-pandemic era.
  4. Entertainment: These plans are ideal for streaming your favorite content, making them popular among entertainment enthusiasts.

Choosing the Right Plan

Selecting an unlimited internet plan requires assessing your specific requirements and budget. Factors like speed, contract terms, and provider reputation should be considered. Additionally, evaluate customer support and service reliability to ensure a smooth internet experience.

Converge ICT FiberXGlobe at Home GFiberPLDT Home FiberSKY Fiber
1699Time of Day (Day Plan)
400Mbps / 200Mbps

Time of Day (Night Plan)
or 100Mbps with cable
or 170Mbps with cable
2399Fiber Plus
2999Fiber Plus
200Mbps with cable
3000Time of Day (Day Plan)
400Mbps / 200Mbps

Time of Day (Night Plan)

When it comes to internet plans in the Philippines, Converge ICT FiberX, Globe at Home GFiber, PLDT Home Fiber, and SKY Fiber offer various options to cater to different needs and preferences.

Converge ICT FiberX provides packages starting at 1,500 PHP for 200Mbps up to 7,499 for their XCSLV 1Gbps plan. They also have a flexible Time of Day Plan where you get double the speed either day or night for PHP 1,699 or PHP 3,000.

Globe at Home GFiber recently renewed its offers and now features packages starting at PHP 1,799 for 200Mbps. It also currently offers the cheapest fastest Fiber Internet at PHP 7,499 for 1.5GBps. The plans offer a range of enticing perks, including a Wi-Fi 6 modem, Disney+ access, Razer Gold credits, KonsultaMD access, free installation (online exclusive), Home Squad service (for Plan 2699 and up), VIP Hotline (for Plan 2699 and up), and Whole Home Connection featuring 2 Wi-Fi 6 Mesh units (for Plan 5999) or Fiber to the Home (for Plan 7499).

Meanwhile, PLDT Home has three different Fiber categories – the unlimited Fiber-only plan, a new FiberAll plan with landline and Cignal subscription, and Fiber Plus that adds a mesh kit to your subscription. FiberAll plans with a Cignal Cable subscription and a Landline with Unli Mobile Calls. For Plan 1799 and above, they also include the PLDT Home Health Pass. The Fiber Plus plans have added 3 WiFi Mesh Units to the package, ensuring a comprehensive home internet and entertainment experience.

PLDT Home Fiber offers plans starting from PHP 1,399 for 50Mbps FiberAll, going up to 2699 PHP for 600Mbps Fiber Plus plan. A 1Gbps option is also available though you may need to inquire to the ISP directly for pricing, as it is said to be dependent on your area.

SKY Fiber provides a range of options, including the cheapest at PHP 999 for 30Mbps, up to PHP 2,999 for a 200Mbps plan with a Sky Cable plan bundled in.

The Future of Unlimited Internet in the Philippines

The future holds promise for unlimited internet plans in the Philippines. As the competition among service providers increases, consumers can anticipate more affordable options and faster speeds. This competition is poised to stimulate innovation and elevate the overall quality of internet services in the country.

In conclusion, unlimited internet plans have revolutionized connectivity in the Philippines, offering a convenient and cost-effective way to stay connected in the digital age. With ongoing developments in the industry, Filipinos can look forward to better options and improved internet services in the years ahead.

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