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70mai A810 Dash Camera Review: Your Reliable Road Companion

Dash cameras have become indispensable tools for modern drivers, providing a sense of security and documentation of your journeys. The 70mai A810 Dash Camera is one such device, boasting a reputation for reliability and high-quality video recording. Coming from the 70mai A400, in this review, we delve into its design, video quality, recording capabilities, performance, and pricing, excluding the rear camera and its associated features, to provide an in-depth look at the 70mai A810 Dash Camera.

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Design and Build Quality

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The design of the 70mai A810 Dash Camera is a significant selling point. Its compact form factor and discreet aesthetics mean it won’t be a distraction on your windshield. The camera is designed to be unobtrusive, ensuring it doesn’t obstruct your view of the road. This feature is particularly important, as it promotes safe driving practices. The build quality is impressive as well, with sturdy materials that can withstand the environmental conditions within a vehicle. The camera feels durable and capable of enduring the rigors of daily use and exposure to varying temperatures. One particular fact I love about the design is it is easy to install and can be removed at will.

70mai A810 Video Quality

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The video quality of the 70mai A810 Dash Camera is where it truly shines. Recording in 4K resolution, the camera captures incredibly detailed footage. This level of clarity is not only visually pleasing but also vital for accurately documenting any incidents on the road. The 140-degree wide-angle lens ensures a broad field of view, which is particularly useful for capturing not just the road ahead, but also important details like license plates and street signs. Additionally, the camera’s Sony IMX678 sensor is a standout feature, offering excellent performance in low-light conditions. This means you can rely on it to capture crucial details during nighttime driving.

Recording and Storage

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The loop recording feature of the 70mai A810 Dash Camera is a practical and user-friendly function. It ensures that your camera doesn’t stop recording when your memory card is full. Instead, it overwrites the oldest files with the newest ones, guaranteeing uninterrupted coverage of your journeys. This feature is especially important for those who drive extensively or use the camera for long road trips. The camera also supports high-capacity microSD cards, allowing you to record extended journeys without the constant worry of running out of storage space. Furthermore, the parking mode is a valuable addition that records any incidents while your vehicle is parked. This adds an extra layer of security, whether you’re concerned about potential break-ins or want to capture evidence in case of an accident in a parking lot.

70mai A810 Performance

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Performance is a key aspect of any dash camera, and the 70mai A810 excels in this regard. It consistently delivers high-quality recordings, which is its primary function. The loop recording works seamlessly to ensure there are no gaps in your footage, regardless of the duration of your trip. Additionally, the camera’s G-sensor, which is not covered in this review but is an important feature, can detect and save critical footage during sudden movements or impacts. This feature is invaluable for accident documentation and evidence gathering.

In addition to the features highlighted in this review, the 70mai A810 Dash Camera offers the Super-Sensing ADAS, an advanced driver assistance system that takes road safety to the next level. With this technology, the camera is equipped to provide lane departure warnings, forward collision warnings, and real-time monitoring of your driving behavior. This invaluable feature adds an extra layer of safety and awareness to your journeys, helping to prevent accidents and promote responsible driving habits. While not included in the criteria and ratings, the Super-Sensing ADAS is a significant advantage for those seeking enhanced safety features in a dash camera, making the 70mai A810 even more appealing to safety-conscious drivers.

4G Connectivity (Optional)

The 70mai A810 Dashcam features 4G connectivity and stands out as a game-changer in the world of dashcams. With this, users can stream real-time footage directly to their smartphones, enabling swift sharing of critical evidence with insurance companies or law enforcement. Beyond its 4G advantage, the A810 boasts a dual-channel design for comprehensive coverage, a front camera delivering remarkable 4K resolution, and a user-friendly app for effortless control and content management. Do note that the hardwire kit UP04 would be necessary to set this up.

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While the 70mai A810 Dashcam offers remarkable advantages, potential drawbacks include the necessity for a data plan, reliance on decent cellular service coverage, and the possibility of slightly increased battery consumption. Nevertheless, for those seeking a dashcam with exceptional image quality, advanced features, and the convenience of 4G connectivity, the 70mai A810 is a compelling choice.


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Priced at PHP 10,995, the pricing of the 70mai A810 Dash Camera places it in the mid-range category. Considering the quality of video recording, advanced features, and the durable build, the camera represents excellent value for your investment. While the specific price point may vary based on your location and any ongoing promotions, it’s worth noting that you are getting a dash camera that excels in its primary function while offering additional features for added convenience and security. In the context of what it provides, the price is reasonable and justifiable for many drivers.

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In conclusion, the 70mai A810 Dash Camera stands out as a reliable, compact, and high-quality device. Its design is well thought out, ensuring it doesn’t interfere with your view while maintaining a robust build. The video quality is impressive, offering sharp, clear recordings in various lighting conditions. Its loop recording and parking mode features contribute to the camera’s reliability and usefulness, and its pricing falls into the mid-range, making it a solid investment. Whether you’re a daily commuter or someone who frequently embarks on long journeys, the 70mai A810 Dash Camera will serve as a dependable road companion, capturing every critical detail along the way and offering peace of mind and security.

The 70mai does have a hardwire kit UP04 and rearview camera and is currently also available in the Philippines. These are available on both Lazada and Shopee.

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