LG Commerical Washers gets Meralco Orange Tag

As tested by the Meralco Power Lab

7 LG Commercial Washers

LG Commercial Washers gets the Meralco Orange Tag as tested by the Meralco Power Lab. Meralco has tested the LG Giant C Max Washers and Titan C Max Washers, two of the brand’s most popular models used in the laundry business.

6 LG Commercial Washers

According to the tests, the cost per wash of the LG Giant C Max is PHP 0.81, while the LG Titan C Max is PHP 1.05. This is also achieved thanks to LG’s Inverter Direct Drive drums that are directly attached to the motor. And with the Gyro Balancing System, the washers can run quietly with low noise and less vibration, low enough for people to focus on other tasks while waiting.

The washers also have a 3+1 Hygiene Care Laundry System that helps sanitize the washers before, during, and after every load. First, the Clean Tub Cycle cleans the tub just three minutes before use. Next, the Hygiene Cycle runs to help sanitize fabrics. While the last step is an Intensive Tub Cleaning Cycle that runs once the load is done.

5 LG Commercial Washers

Another key feature of LG commercial washers is the atomizing & twin spray. This function rinses clothes non-stop while spinning. The Atomizing Spray also sprays water on the door, reducing the need to clean excess suds off the door glass. While an Auto Dosing System supplies uniform amounts of detergent, bleach, and softener in every cycle.

The Meralco Orange Tag acts as a seal of security, approval, and transparency that gives customers an approximate power consumption that an appliance uses with the corresponding cost before making a purchase.

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