LG CordZero Vacuum Cleaner System launched, priced in the Philippines

Home cleaning made limitless

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LG is bringing its CordZero all-in-one Tower Vacuum Cleaner System to the Philippines, the first-of-its-kind to feature innovative features for better home cleaning. Check out the features and prices below.

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These cordless vacuums are sleek and have a portable charging vacuum stand, so you can easily store and charge anywhere, anytime. Hang it on any wall—with no drilling required. LG’s newest home appliance also filters 99.99% of dust and dirt, with up to 2.4% more space filled for less time to empty the bin with the LG KOMPRESSOR tech. And with the CordZero’s washable vacuum cyclone and filters, it’s easy to clean away dirt and keep your vacuum running at its best.

One model, the A9K Ultra, offers additional dust bin storage with its accompanying all-in-one tower, as well as additional battery charging storage so you can continue your home cleaning at twice the time you normally get on a single charge. There are also extra nozzles available on each model made for every type of flooring or dirt that can be attached easily to the vacuum cleaner.

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Controls are also made simpler, with on, off, and power levels including ‘Turbo’ mode are easy to select with the touch of a thumb. A 3-level water control that adjusts how much water is sprayed, depending on the need.

In terms of ergonomics, the CordZero offers a telescopic pipe, adjustable to 4 different lengths for added versatility. Its Opti-balanced Handle has been ergonomically designed to provide comfort and reduce muscle effort while vacuuming.

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Available in three different models, the LG CordZero All-In-One Tower Vacuum Cleaner System is priced in the Philippines at these points. They are also initially offered at discounted prices, plus additional offers available at LG’s official online store:

LG CordZeroSRPIntroductory PriceAdditional offerShop Online
A9N Core (Vintage Wine)PHP 29,900PHP 23,920PHP 2,000 voucher + Free Shipping (Capped at PHP 50)Lazada
A9N NEOMaxPHP 44,900PHP 33,920PHP 2,000 voucher + Free Shipping (Capped at PHP 50)Lazada
A9K Max (Iron Gray)PHP 49,900PHP 37,920PHP 2,000 voucher + Free Shipping (Capped at PHP 50)Lazada
A9K Ultra (Full Black)PHP 64,900PHP 49,920PHP 2,000 voucher + Free Shipping (Capped at PHP 50)Lazada
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