DIZO GoPods Neo, GoPods D hands-on

New Audio Delights

DIZO is officially launching as part of the realme TechLife ecosystem in the country, and its first line of offerings is massive, including these two TWS earphones — the GoPods Neo and GoPods D –– that are feature-packed and still affordable. We give you a glimpse of the two devices in this hands-on.

Both the GoPods Neo and D offer the same things as you open the package, including the buds themselves, some documents, extra bud tips in different sizes for your comfort, and the case itself with the two buds for your ears. In the case of the Neo, the buds are placed neatly on the plastic packaging and are not inside the charging case. In the case of the GoPods D, you’ll need to remove the stickers that separate the charging pins from both the case and the buds.

They both look similar with a pebble-shaped case, matte finish, and rounded buds that fit just right in your ears. They both differ in charging ports as well. The Neo offers Type-C connectivity, while the D has a MicroUSB port. Their buds also have distinguishing finishes on the touch control part: one has a glossy finish, while the other offers more sensory highlight with a concentric ring design.

Both offer instant connection to your device as long as your Bluetooth is open, so pairing is a breeze. Audio for both devices is generally decent, but we initially thought that the GoPods Neo offer a lot more juice on a single-charge use than the other one. They’re of the same size, but the Neo lasts more at up to 28 hours on paper, compared to the GoPods D at only up to 20 hours.

The pricing for both devices is different as well due to their very obvious differences. You can find the DIZO GoPods Neo retailing for PHP 1,999, while the DIZO GoPods D is a lot more affordable at half the price of PHP 999. Both these audio gear are launching on February 12 at DIZO’s official Lazada Flagship store, so be sure to check them out if you want to try them too.

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