Saramonic Blink 500 B2+ now official, priced

Saramonic has introduced its new Blink500 B2+ Wireless Microphone System, aimed at content creators who want more flexibility in their audio recording setups with ease of use on cameras, smartphones, and computers.


The Saramonic Blink 500 B2+ is a user-friendly 2-person wireless clip-on microphone system designed for creators of all skill levels. It offers universal compatibility and professional features at an affordable price point. The system includes two micro transmitters with built-in omnidirectional mics, 2-stage active noise-canceling, remote gain control, mute functionality, and furry windshields for outdoor wind protection.

Its compact 2-channel receiver can be mounted on a camera shoe or directly to a device’s USB-C or Lightning port. The receiver features a 3.5mm Headphone out, Mono, Stereo, or Safety output modes, 75/150Hz Low Cut Filters, and Mobile Device Speaker Monitoring. Additionally, the system comes with a portable charging case and a drawstring pouch for convenient storage and charging on the go.

The Blink 500 B2+ offers universal compatibility with cameras, iPhones, Android devices, computers, iPads, and more. Its dual-channel receiver allows simultaneous recording of two subjects to almost any device. The system includes both 3.5mm TRS and TRRS output cables for recording to cameras, mixers, recorders, and other devices. It also offers digital connections to iPhones, Android devices, computers, iPads, and more with USB-C or Lightning adapters.

Despite its small size, the Blink 500 B2+ delivers high-quality sound and performance. It is extremely easy to operate, automatically finding a clean wireless channel upon startup. The compact and lightweight transmitters can be easily clipped to clothing or discreetly mounted using magnetic mounts. They feature built-in omnidirectional microphones with remote mic gain control, one-touch muting, and furry windscreens for outdoor use.

The dual-channel receiver packs numerous features into a small package, including Mono, Stereo, or Safety output settings, selectable Low-Cut 75 or 150Hz filters, and a 3.5mm headphone output. It also includes Mobile Device Speaker Enable, allowing playback on smartphone or tablet speakers during virtual meetings. The receiver features a USB-C through port for charging mobile devices while in use.

With an impressive battery runtime of up to 20 hours for transmitters and 16 hours for the receiver, the Blink 500 B2+ ensures extended shooting sessions on a single charge. The included charging carry case provides an additional 1.6x full system charges, offering up to 41.6 hours of filming on a full system and case charge. The system automatically turns on when removed from the case and turns off when returned, providing added convenience. Transmitters and receiver can also be powered while in use or charged outside of the case using USB battery packs or a power supply.

The Saramonic Blink 500 B2+ Wireless Microphone System is now available worldwide, in the USA for USD 129 and locally for PHP 6,450 through Apex Digital, the official Saramonic distributor in the Philippines.

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