How Huawei’s MateBooks continue to have success in the PC market

The secret is here

When it comes to quality, Huawei has always been committed to offering the best of the best. Since it entered the PC business in 2016 with its first MateBook, Huawei has been steadily gaining traction. We’ve reviewed some of them here and made rave reviews on their quality and performance.

Over the years, the company proves innovation always leads to success. It has brought a number of innovations and it has grown market share by 400% in a span of a year. The HUAWEI MateBook range exemplifies this, delivering laptops that are not only beautifully crafted but also incredibly robust. Throughout their design and build process, the materials, craftsmanship and build quality of HUAWEI MateBook products all reflect the industry’s high standards, ensuring each laptop produced is a beacon of premium technology.

Huawei starts by ensuring manufacturing partners are carefully selected by their world-class credentials. All manufacturers chosen are equipped with professional automated manufacturing machinery and high-spec monitoring procedures which minimize quality fluctuations caused by manual labor. Better still, for flagship series, Huawei has invested heavily in customized automated equipment – ensuring every component produced is built to the very highest standards. Although this isn’t something a consumer might directly notice, it all adds to the overall premium finish of Huawei’s notebooks. At present, Huawei has a complete portfolio of PC products, ranging from the premium flagship HUAWEI MateBook X Series, the mainstream HUAWEI MateBook Series, the all-around MateBook D Series, to the innovative convertible MateBook E Series.

With people’s buying habits changing significantly in the past year, consumers are increasingly looking to buy products which they can see are premium and will stand the test of time. Through its carefully thought-out design and manufacturing process, Huawei ensures that at every touch point its laptops are being made to last and offer consumers the very best experience because they are well aware that for its notebooks to be truly classed as premium, it has to offer the software specs to match its outstanding build process.

The HUAWEI MateBook Series is also the natural extension of Huawei’s all-scenario strategy which aims to help Filipinos achieve seamless technological experience now more than ever. As part of Huawei’s Seamless AI Life ecosystem, MateBook laptops are designed to offer one of the best multi-device experiences for users and can be integrated with a Huawei smartphone through Multi-screen Collaboration, with the smartphone window mirroring on the laptop screen. In fact, together with an EMUI 11 smartphone, HUAWEI MateBook laptops can display up to three mobile app windows at once, perfect for multitasking.

Through the MateBook family, Huawei is spearheading laptop innovation for the benefit of Filipino consumers. Huawei proves the success of its MateBook Series and it will only improve its range of exceptional notebooks with many exciting launches on the horizon soon. They are preparing to reveal a new lineup of laptops for Filipino consumers, these are expected to be equipped with the world’s best 11th Generation Intel Core processors with Intel Iris Xe graphics, 16GB RAM + 512GB SSD, and other new features compared to their predecessors.

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