Huawei MeeTime bridges the gap in a socially distanced world

This is the power of clearer video calls

There was once a time when the notion of video calls being a regular facet of life was like this crazy science fiction concept. Yet in today’s socially distanced world, video calling is probably more commonplace than landlines (remember those?) as a vital means of communication, both in social and professional environments. Here’s why video calls have become such an important tool to get closer to your friends and loved ones.

Video conferencing, in particular, has proved essential in communicating with our loved-ones. In addition, it has been used as an alternative channel for online classes, business meetings and in many cases, entertainment activities like concerts and other live events. Gathering people in an online environment via video calls has become the safest and most convenient way to communicate, given these unprecedented times.

While there are numerous free video calling apps across different platforms, Huawei MeeTime, offers a compelling set of features and its integration into the brand’s AI-powered app/device ecosystem.

Here’s a quick rundown of why MeeTime is the go-to video calling suite today:

Crystal-clear Audio and Video

MeeTime supports 1080p video in all lighting conditions so video calling in dimly-lit rooms and bright environments alike yields the same HD quality. The same pristine quality applies to the audio, so there’s no missing any important details during casual chatting, lessons or project discussions. Friends, family, or colleagues who also use MeeTime can maximize these HD video and audio benefits.

Enhance that Virtual Presence

Being at home means there’s minimal need to be dressed to the nines – which makes MeeTime’s beauty function all the more convenient. Just tap the button during a call and instantly look your very best.

What’s more, the 360-degree background switching and a variety of filters lets users swap their environments to other exotic locales, or assume whimsical looks for an extra dose of fun.

Share Screens and Enjoy Multi-device Integration

Users can also share their screens on MeeTime – excellent when online shopping with friends, comparing notes with colleagues or guiding less tech-savvy loved ones to operate their apps and devices.

Speaking of devices, MeeTime is available on a wide range of Huawei products, including larger form factors like tablets and other products to be launched in the Philippines soon. This deep integration with the Huawei device ecosystem means Huawei users can easily make and pick up calls from any device, and even continue the conversation seamlessly to a different screen. MeeTime is available on different Huawei devices including MatePad Pro, Mate 30 Pro, P40 Pro, Nova 7/Nova 7 SE, and more, offering unfettered accessibility. You can download the app on the Huawei AppGallery to enjoy its features today.

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