Inflexion Studios Launches Nightingale Update 0.3 with Offline Mode

Inflexion Studios has released Update 0.3 for Nightingale, their popular survival crafting game. This update introduces the highly-requested offline mode, allowing players to explore the Realms without needing an internet connection, even during server maintenance. While this initial version of offline mode rolls out, upcoming enhancements such as cloud saves, character migration from online mode, and ongoing performance improvements are in the pipeline and expected in the coming months.

Version 0.3 also brings the build-from-storage feature, simplifying construction processes for players. New dynamic tiered creatures, whose drops and appearances vary with Realm difficulty, add depth to gameplay. Additionally, players can confront new types of Bound enemies, delve into fresh questlines, and experience an updated early-game phase, including the option to skip tutorials and select a starter character loadout.

To mark the update’s release, a special community event is underway in Nightingale. Players can participate by visiting the vendor near Sasse in their Abeyance Realm to gather Hopeful Essence from Wisps and trade them for event-exclusive rewards.

Aaryn Flynn, CEO of Inflexion Games, expressed enthusiasm about the progress since Nightingale’s Early Access launch, highlighting the significant milestone of introducing offline mode and promising further exciting updates ahead. For more details on all the new features in version 0.3, players can review the full patch notes here.

Nightingale is a PVE survival-crafting game set in a Victorian gaslamp fantasy world, challenging players to explore the mysterious Faewilds solo or in groups of up to 5 friends. Available on Steam and the Epic Games Store, Nightingale also supports GeForce Now for cloud streaming, offering high-resolution gameplay without the need for extensive downloads or powerful hardware.

For additional information about Nightingale, including community interactions and purchase options, visit or join the official Discord server.

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