PlayPark outs upcoming games for PC, mobile platforms in SE Asia

Diverse MMOs both for PC and mobile!

playpark new games sea 2022

PlayPark unveiled new titles to look forward for PCs and mobile devices in Southeast Asia, giving players in the region to discover and play more games that will suit their fancy.

playpark new games sea 2022
PlayPark PH Product Managers for the Philippines in the PlayPark LaunchPad 2022 event

These four titles — Elyon – Ascent Infinite Realm, Dream of a New World, Tera Classic, and Noah’s Heart SEA — offer diverse gaming experiences, from casual and fun to challenging and hardcore mechanics, that will delight MMO fans across the region.

Check out synopsis for these games below:

Elyon SEA – Ascent Infinite Realm

  • A Steampunk-style MMORPG developed by Krafton, focusing on the fight between two kingdoms Vulpin and Ontari
  • The two factions fight against each other in massive battles, in part thanks to the game’s non-target combat system
  • Life system: decorate your home, fishing, and crafting systems in place
  • This game is mainly available for PC devices and is currently in closed beta as of this writing. Pre-registrations are now open.

Dream of a New World SEA

  • This game combines turn-based RPG combat with vibrant graphics powered by Unreal Engine 4 to bring an epic world to life
  • Capture and evolve pets to gain powerful abilities to help your team
  • Decorate your home and village with your guildmates
  • Participate in cross-server battles and become the king of the hill in your server
  • This will be available for download on Android and iOS and is slated to enter Closed Beta Testing next month.

Noah’s Heart SEA

  • A mobile game made with Unreal Engine 4 and allows players to freely explore and immerse themselves in an open world with diverse atmosphere, landscapes, and locations
  • Face hundreds of monsters and NPCs, all of which can interact with players
  • Summon a sidekick Phantom to help fight alongside you
  • Dynamic day-night and weather system, giving the players a more realistic exploration
  • Players can also choose to customize their characters – from the face to hairstyles and even poses to make themselves more distinct from others
  • The game is slated to be available on mobile phones, both on Android and iOS this Q3 2022.

Terra SEA Classic

  • Open-world MMORPG based on the game Terra Online
  • Retains the classic charm of the original game, while creating a faithful port of the PC version that retains the original aspects of the online game
  • This game is slated to launch by Q4 2022.

PlayPark has also partnered with PC Express to further promote these games through exciting tie-ups, as well as exclusive gadget and peripheral packages to be announced and launched on PlayPark and PC Express platforms to coincide with the release of these upcoming games.

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