Vertux Gaming Peripherals Hands-On

Are they worth the price?

Dubai-based gaming brand Vertux is now in the Philippines with a plethora of gaming accessories you can purchase right at their Shopee and Lazada pages. The brand sent us some of their most coveted products for a quick look. Here are some of them.

We tried to condense all of the products in this one story, so expect shorter but more concise quick looks, as well as their best points on why you should purchase them. Withour further ado, here are they:

Vertux Tantalum Keyboard
PHP 3,565

This ergonomically designed full keyboard features Outemu Blue switches. It’s heavy, so expect it to not move during critical moments. Decent braided cables. The keys, when pressed, provide a very loud and tactile feel. Very consistent typing performance throughout. Colors are vivid. Not sure if the keycaps can be removed, though. Love the wrist rest, by the way.

Vertux Amber Pro Keyboard
PHP 1,165

These feature membrane keys, which explain its more affordable price tag. Plastic cables. Lightweight and quite durable. Colors are as is and you can only choose how they light up. Very little tactile feedback, but it’s quite a joy to use as well.

Vertux Rodon Mouse
PHP 2,495

This is my current mouse and it feels a lot better than the others I’ve used. It’s quite a heavy one, and it offers seven customizable keys and several lighting modes with its accompanying software. It feels and holds great, the keys are not that hard to press, and you can change your DPI settings on the fly (up to 12,000dpi) with the middle buttons.

Vertux Katana Mouse
PHP 1,295

If you like hex-shelled mice and do not want to spend much, this may be it. The Katana features six programmable keys and different color profiles for your gaming needs. Not for those who have trypophobia, though.

Vertux Condor Microphone
PHP 1,495

The Condor is a tabletop microphone that offers one-touch operation to turn on or off, and has an adjustable volume to adjust to your distance from it while gaming. It’s USB-powered and offers high sensitivity so most background noises are eliminated. There is also a 3.5mm audio jack onboard if you wish to connect your earphone through it.

Vertux Glare Cooling Pad
PHP 1,495

The Glare can accommodate up to 17-inch laptops and features LED light toggles and fan speeds of up to 800rpm. The fan speed is adjustable with a rolling toggle. It does its job of cooling laptops decently.

Vertux Denali Headset
PHP 1,595

The Denali offers really comfortable cushions, in-line volume and mic controls, a swiveling microphone, and RGB lighting powered by USB. The audio quality is just decent for gamers with muffled mids and more pronounced trebles, while its microphone is just okay with its noise cancellation.

Vertux Havana Headset
PHP 1,615

The Havana, on the other hand, offers a sleek RGB lighting style with an active noise-canceling microphone. The cushions are great, but the design feels a bit tight for my liking. Sound is great on this, as it pars with similarly priced headsets.

We’d like to share our notes on having these PC peripherals with us as we set them up on our PCs and laptops:

  • Build quality is, no doubt, good. While a lot of them are plastic, they don’t necessarily feel like they’re going to be non-operational after two weeks of use. They’re sturdy enough for hardcore gaming as I used some of the peripherals for weeks now.
  • They are easy to use. They are mainly plug-and-play devices with software mainly for customization.
  • The software’s a hit or miss. There is no user manual as you open the box, but rather a sheet of paper with a QR code linking to it. We tried it with the Condor, but it ended up on an Error 404 page. To add, some of the available peripherals do not have their accompanying software as checked on the Vertux website. The Rodon only had it two weeks after I requested it from their global Facebook page. The software looked like the ones I had with my Royal Kludge mechanical keyboard — one-page windows that show everything all at once.
  • A decent two-year warranty for your products. All products purchased from Vertux offer two years of warranty from the date of purchase, which is also quite a bold statement given other brands offer six months to one year only.

Vertux products are now available online on Lazada and Shopee. You can also check out their Facebook page for upcoming deals this 5.5 Sale.

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