Cherry Anti-Bacterial UV Humidifier: Price, Features, Where to buy in the Philippines

For a clean, bacteria-free, and relaxing air at home

CHERRY UV Antibacterial Humidifier 1

The Cherry Anti-Bacterial UV Humidifier is perfect for homes especially for babies as this sterilizes the air inside the house and prevents the spread of viruses and bacteria in the air.

CHERRY UV Antibacterial Humidifier 1

It has a 4L capacity with high-frequency vibrations and UVC sterilization that can produce finer water mists and sterilize it to clean the air. These mists can relieve congestions, symptoms of colds, and soothe irritation caused by skin dehydration due to the cold weather.

In addition, this can also be used as a humidifier and can be used with essential oils to produce a hotel-like scent inside the house for a relaxing stay at home.

The Cherry Anti-Bacterial UV Humidifier can be purchased for just PHP 2,490 at the Cherry Shop PH.

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