HP brings connectivity, flexibility, and security to support distance learning

As we gear up for another year of online schooling

Drawing on experience from the past year, many are now considering what school might look like this August, as some districts face all-remote learning again and others are looking at a hybrid return or in-person school.

Understandably, parents have a lot of questions even after a year of distance learning: How will they access their child’s learning materials? Do they have the right tools and resources? How will long-term remote learning affect privacy? And, what are the steps that parents, students, and teachers can take to build an online environment that feels like a safe space?

The education sector is working hard to create new types of lessons, school districts are investing in more technology, and industry partners are stepping in to help fill some of the gaps. While online education runs the risk of leaving some students behind due to a lack of technology and connectivity, it also has the potential to engage all students in new ways, including offline solutions and individualized learning opportunities.

With the goal of enabling better learning outcomes for 100 million people by 2025, HP is committed to ensuring learning continues anywhere, anytime through its technology and innovative solutions, as well as insights-driven tips to sustain productivity and keep students and educators future-ready.

The computer becomes the classroom; ensure it is equipped with the right features

The past year has been a real-life simulation of working through the ins and outs of distance learning together—from troubleshooting microphone and webcam issues, discovering different virtual meeting platforms, knowing how to upload and download different file formats, to getting to know each other in new ways, from the living room, bedroom, and dining table.

This proved that the classroom has shifted into one multi-functional mobile tool where everything happens, and where productivity lies in its capabilities to enable connectivity, flexibility, and security. Features, like the HP Pavilion x360’s durable 360-degree geared hinge, further enhance the learning experience in various modes such as laptop mode for writing assignments, tent mode for presentations, and tablet mode for art and illustration projects. It is also equipped with HP’s most secure PC1 solutions that will keep private moments and data of students and teachers safe.

HP 24-df0000d AIO PC

For a reliable large-screen companion, the HP 200 Pro G4 22 AIO PC offers a stylish three-sided micro-edge display with guaranteed lower risk for eye strain, while the HP 24-df0000d AIO Desktop brings a touchscreen experience with smart design features for a more manageable and efficient workspace. These learn-from-home PC innovations are designed to meet the current needs and demands of the new normal, pre-bundled with Microsoft Office Home & Student perpetual license and guaranteed after-sales support.

Learning is not one-way but a shared experience, keep it engaging

Learning varies from one student to another as some might prefer interactive video lessons, while others understand better when they study through printed materials. Teachers also are on a learning curve, finding ways to tailor their teaching styles to a digital environment and discovering new possibilities along the way. One such example is exploring on-screen and off-screen activities that add an interactive element to discuss heavier topics, encouraging questions and deeper understanding.

To provide teachers and parents with a platform where they can download and print out worksheets, experiments, and other engaging learning activities to try with their kids or students, the HP Printables site was launched globally, including in the Philippines. The educational site includes puzzles, math sheets, coloring pages, and STEM content from partners.

HP Smart Tank 515 AlO Printer

Through the HP Smart Tank 515 Wireless All-in-One printer, activities from the HP Printable site may be printed in high quality wirelessly, through its easy mobile printing feature using the HP Smart app.

Overcoming the distance requires bridging the gap; find creative ways to reach out

As educators and administrators across the country discuss plans for the coming academic year, the only thing that’s certain is that classes will remain different, with fewer students in classes, social distancing measures in place, and for many, a combination of distance and in-person learning.

In line with empowering and supporting students and educators in far-flung areas, HP has donated more than 400 units of HP Neverstop Laser printers to partner NGOs. The new HP printers were delivered to public schools across the country which enabled them to reproduce educational modules necessary for distance learning.

“Whatever school may look like this year, the experience everyone is having now will have a lasting impact on not only how our children learn, but how we navigate the future together. At HP, we believe that digital equity is a human right and so we commit to supporting disenfranchised communities by activating innovative solutions and services for 150 million people by 2030,” said Christian Edmond Reyes, Philippines Managing Director, HP Inc. “Understanding that distance learning has its own unique impact physically and mentally, it has become even more important to stay connected and support each other even from afar and HP is here to be a reliable tech partner, bringing innovative solutions where it matters.”

You can find HP products at a gadget or appliance store near you, or visit their official stores on Lazada and Shopee for more information.

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