Five tips on creating great content with the realme 8

Creativity has no rules and limits

The realme 8 packs great features and specs that are perfect for creating content especially on social media. Its powerful processor and capable camera make it easy for users to be creative.

Here are five tips on creating great content with the realme 8:

  1. Look for stunning locations to capture – When creating content, make sure the shot looks good. The location will play a huge part as it will be your playground in capturing photos. The realme 8’s main 64MP wide-angle lens can capture these locations with clarity and vibrance so make sure the location you are in is eye-catching.
  2. Take as many photos and videos as you can – Shooting lots of photos and videos is an advantage. Oftentimes, the best shots happen during that “decisive moment” where everything blends in unconsciously. With the realme 8’s huge storage and 5,000 mAh battery, you can keep on shooting as many as you want and as long as you want.
  3. Try different perspectives – Experimenting is not bad especially when it comes to photography and video. The sky is the limit as there are no rules on being creative. The realme 8’s quad-camera setup in the rear has different lenses, such as an ultrawide and a macro lens, to make those out-of-the-box perspectives look good. You’ll never know what you might find when you try something unusual.
  4. Try shooting at different times of the day – Shooting at more “dramatic” times of the day, like the golden hour in the afternoon or the blue hour before sunrise and after sunset, can help you create more beautiful shots and videos. Experiment with these different times to see what you can come up with—the realme 8’s cameras can expertly handle these various lighting scenarios.
  5. Play around with various creative modes – The realme 8’s built-in camera app has different portrait modes where you can try to produce even more creative shots. The special portrait modes include AI Color, Dynamic Bokeh, Neon Portrait, and AI Portrait, which you should play around with to see which ones pop out and catch your followers’ eye on their feeds.

The realme 8, with its added features and competitive price, makes it a good bang-for-the-buck device. Available in Cyber Black and Cyber Silver, the realme 8 is priced at PHP 13,990 SRP and is available via realme’s official flagship store in Lazada and in over 500 realme stores and over 4,000 partner dealers nationwide.

Nathaniel is a part-time contributor and writes for WalasTech in his free time from work. He is a tech-savvy person, a morning radio program listener, a podcast host and producer, as well as a heavy social media user.