Honor to re-enter the Philippine smartphone market

Hi, Honor!

Various sources have relayed, and confirmed, to WalasTech that Honor is slated to re-enter the Philippine smartphone market.

The former Huawei sub-brand is officially re-entering the smartphone scene with Google-certified devices, which our sources have not yet identified as of this writing.

Honor was last visible in the country by the end of 2020, when it became an independent brand after being sold off to a Shenzen-based company and the brand launching its first non-Huawei phone, the Honor V40, after the dip in production of Honor devices caused by the removal of Google’s Android mobile operating system after US sanctions.

Their current flagship products include the high-end Honor 70 series with 5G connectivity, the Magic 4 series, and the Magic V foldable. Honor is expected to launch the product/s this August 9. Tune in to find out more about which products will be coming first to our shores.

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