Samsung Galaxy Z Flip installment offers from Citibank, BDO, and PNB

Here are ways on how you can get it lower than its announced SRP

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is now available in stores as of this weekend, and here’s a quick roundup on offers from different credit card-issuing banks.

For a Php79,990 price, one can just imagine how expensive it could be, depending on your current financial status. There’s another option to pay for them, which we will now discuss in this post.

The Philippine National Bank (PNB) offers the best deal yet, as we checked. For its cardholders, they are offering the Z Flip at up to 24 months 0% installment plan, plus a Free First Month Installment promo. That means you’re getting the device for Php3,300 less due to the first free month, paying only for the device on the second month forward.

There’s also a 0% installment plan for other banks such as BDO and Citi. The former offers it at up to 24 months 0% installment, while cardholders from the latter can get another year and stretch the 0% installment plan to 36 months.

You can also save more when you opt to get the Z Flip with straight card purchases. The three banks mentioned above offer a Php4,000 rebate, bringing the price down to Php75,990. Do take note that these promos end on different dates, so better check with your respective bank for more information.

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