19th Asian Games Hangzhou: A Showcase of vivo Innovation and Excellence

The 19th Asian Games Hangzhou concluded successfully at the Hangzhou Olympics Stadium on October 8, 2023. Over 12,000 athletes from 45 countries and regions in Asia participated in the event, delivering impressive performances that captivated audiences worldwide. As the Official Exclusive Supplier of Mobile Phones for the Games, vivo played a pivotal role in enhancing the event with its cutting-edge technology.

Opening Ceremony and Digital Torch Relay The opening ceremony, held on September 23, marked a historic moment in the Games’ history with its digital ignition ceremony. Digital torchbearers took part in a virtual torch relay via online platforms, connecting the world through technology. vivo, equipped with professional mobile imaging technology, captured this groundbreaking moment. Just as sports unite people across time and space, vivo is committed to bridging the gap between individuals and the digital world.

vivo and iQOO: Elevating the Asian Games While vivo served as the Official Exclusive Supplier of Mobile Phones, iQOO was selected as the Official Esports Gaming Phone for the Games’ inaugural esports events. Together, vivo and iQOO raised the bar for the Asian Games, offering top-notch professional imaging and esports technologies.

Capturing Memorable Moments vivo’s professional imaging technology empowered journalists, athletes, and viewers worldwide to capture the beauty of sports and the Games’ most captivating moments with ease. Whether it was the intense competition in the stadium, the enthusiasm of cheering fans, or the rich cultural backdrop of Hangzhou, vivo devices were there to capture it all.

Innovative Technology by vivo The vivo X90 series showcased exceptional imaging performance, particularly in motion, low-light conditions, and ultra-low latency scenarios. Thanks to hardware and software integration technologies, such as the customized V2 chip and collaboration with optical giant ZEISS, vivo delivered outstanding photography experiences. The vivo X Fold2 and X Flip featured aerospace-grade hinges and ZEISS Imaging with Free-Stop Shooting Experience, enabling users to unleash their creativity. The “texture” color mode added depth and balanced color saturation to vividly reproduce every moment. Additionally, the V3 customized imaging chip unveiled at the 2023 vivo Imaging Conference introduced 4K cinema-like bokeh, automatic subject focus detection, and cinematic color processing, among other remarkable features.

iQOO: Empowering Esports iQOO served as the Official Esports Gaming Phone for the inaugural esports events, including “Arena of Valor Asian Games Version” and “Peace Elite Asian Games Version.” iQOO excelled in this ultimate testing ground and remains committed to driving the esports industry forward with innovative technology and optimized products.

A Commitment to Innovation The successful conclusion of the 19th Asian Games showcased vivo’s technological prowess on a global stage. The company will continue its user-centric approach, further enhancing device imaging, design, system development, and performance. The partnership between vivo and iQOO with the Games demonstrated the exciting possibilities when sports meet cutting-edge technology. vivo is dedicated to innovation and collaborating with partners to create unique user experiences.

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