Ugreen Showcases Revolutionary Charging and Portable Energy Products

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Ugreen recently showcased its cutting-edge products at an event, marking a significant step in its mission to transform the charging and portable energy sectors. Visitors had the opportunity to witness groundbreaking power solutions up close at the Ugreen exhibition held at Booth H 5.2-A113 during this year’s IFA 2023 in Berlin.

Leading the charge in Ugreen’s product lineup was the Nexode 300W GaN Charger, the world’s first 300-watt, 5-port desktop charger. This innovative device offers fast charging capabilities for up to four devices through USB-C ports and one via USB-A. The Nexode 300W GaN Charger sets a new industry standard for mobile device fast charging.

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For those seeking innovative alternative and outdoor power solutions, the Ugreen PowerRoam 2200 Portable Power Station was a standout product. Equipped with the latest LiFePO4 EV-rated batteries, this power station provides reliable, portable, and durable energy solutions to meet various needs.

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As a globally recognized brand, Ugreen harnesses its technical expertise in consumer power to forge strategic partnerships with industry leaders, driving innovation in product development and outdoor power solutions. Their ultimate goal is to create a more sustainable and eco-friendly ecosystem for clients, customers, and stakeholders.

Committed to value-driven and customer-centric principles, Ugreen continues to excel in its quest for industry leadership. With an eye toward the future, Ugreen is gearing up to launch a new cloud-service-based product series, the Ugreen Network Attached Storage (NAS) device. Positioned as a personalized home/office data center, this innovative offering is set to shape the industry landscape.

“At Ugreen, we are constantly listening to and working to integrate user feedback in an effort to improve our products and proudly display that our customers matter most to us. We believe that through this collaborative effort, Ugreen will become a brand synonymous with great products, an invested customer base, and the constant surpassing of expectations.”Ugreen’s Vice President Evan Li , commented.

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